Amandyk Batalov, Akim of Almaty region  met with major investors

Amandyk Batalov, Akim of Almaty region  met with major investors

Amandyk Batalov, Akim of Almaty region met with large investors who intend and began to implement large-scale projects in the region. Among them are representatives of Valley Kusto GB BV for the production of modern irrigation systems, TechnoNICOL, which specializes in the production of thermal insulation building materials, Zhetysu Koy LLP for the processing of small ruminants, representing the world-famous German company Baumann. During the business meeting, the issues of the implementation of these projects were discussed in detail, the leadership of the region gave instructions to those responsible at the local level. The meeting was attended by the adviser to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulbanu Pazylkhairova, – the press service of the akim of the Almaty region reports.

Akim of the region Amandyk Batalov emphasized the particular importance of the meeting, because Zhetysu is primarily an agricultural region, therefore, it urgently needs modern moisture-saving technologies necessary for the economy and production. In this regard, he assured of the provision of comprehensive support for the project.

Kevin Mish, General Director of Valmont Industries for the CIS, spoke briefly about the Valley Kusto GB BV project. He noted that the company is interested in building a plant in Kazakhstan. “Until today, we have thoroughly studied the market in the country. Now our team is developing a development plan for the project of this plant. While it is being considered in which industrial zone it will be more profitable to locate the plant. I think that in the near future we will come to a common decision. The state provides support in solving financial and licensing issues, ”K. Misch noted, expressing gratitude to the head of the region for the warm welcome and support. He also said that the company intends to train and then hire local specialists.

By the way, the capacity of this plant will be 1 thousand Valley machines of frontal and pivot irrigation per year.

Akim of the region A. Batalov, focusing on the specifics of the Almaty region, noted that 18-20% of agricultural production in the republic falls on Zhetysu. At the same time, the length of the irrigation networks is 17 thousand km.

– For example, this year sugar beet has been sown on 16 thousand hectares, in the future, on the instructions of the President, it is planned to increase its area to 52 thousand hectares and then produce 2 million tons of sugar beet. When growing this and other crops, we must use water resources economically and introduce new technologies. Then we will be able to increase productivity by 3-4 times, ”A. Batalov emphasized.

The regional akim also reminded that the region borders on China, which opens up great logistics opportunities. At the same time, he added that all the infrastructure necessary for the plant will be brought to the facility. These are water, gas and power supply networks, and a road will also be built.

After discussing general issues, both sides decided to proceed with a more specific comprehensive discussion of the project and the identification of all the necessary details.

Further, the head of the region discussed a number of issues with representatives of the largest Russian company TechnoNIKOL.

Niyaz Suleymanov, General Director of TechnoNIKOL-Central Asia LLP, reported on the problems, the solution of which is necessary for the successful implementation of an important project. By the way, 43 billion tenge of investments were attracted for the construction of a plant for the production of heat-insulating building materials, which will be located in the industrial zone “Kairat” in Talgar region, it is planned to create 200 new jobs. During the implementation of the project, the investor expressed a desire to closely cooperate with the SEC “Zhetysu” on an ongoing basis. Acceleration of the time for passing the state examination is also important for the implementation of the project. Due to the fact that the industrial facility will consume a large amount of gas, it is necessary to support the local akimat in the preparation of the relevant documents to regulate this issue and provide access to the power grids.

In turn, akim of the region Amandyk Batalov noted that one should not neglect the improvement and landscaping of the territory around the plant. He instructed his first deputy L. Turlashov to hold a meeting next week with the participation of monopolists in such important areas as water, gas, electricity, as well as communications and construction of a railway line in order to provide assistance on the principle of “one window”.

Then the regional akim met with the investors participating in the implementation of the Zhetysu Koy project of the world famous German company Baumann.

On behalf of the President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, all the necessary conditions are created for investors, the successful implementation of this project is of particular importance for the economy of the region and even the country. This unique plant, specializing in the processing of small cattle meat and working on new technologies, will be located in the Ili region.

Also the heads of the peasant farms “Duisenbins” and “Nam” from the Eskeldinsky district Aydin Duisenbinov