The seminar on issues related to determining the estimated cost of construction in Kazakhstan took place in the capital

01 April 2024

Arman Khasen, the Director of the Center for Standardization in Construction at JSC “KazRICA”, presented an overview of the state of estimated pricing in construction within the Republic of Kazakhstan at a seminar held in the city of Astana.

The event saw participation from construction, design, and expert organizations, as well as building materials manufacturers from all regions of the country.

The training program discussed the main innovations in determining construction costs, changes to the “Procedure for Determining the Estimated Cost of Construction in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, and the specifics of forming consolidated estimated cost calculations for construction.

The topic “Planning Investment Construction Projects” was also presented.

The event concluded with discussions on the requirements for compiling a complete set of estimate documentation for construction projects and for commissioning works.