Since the beginning of the year, about 399 billion tenge has been transferred to the Social Health Insurance Fund

For 9 months of 2020, about 399 billion tenge was transferred to compulsory social health insurance (SHIF). The tranche from the state for the economically inactive population, which is 11 million people, amounted to 222 billion tenge. About 115 billion were sent by employers, 49.5 billion tenge – hired workers, 7 billion tenge – individual entrepreneurs, 2.5 billion tenge – payers of the CAP, 1.5 billion tenge – individuals who work under a civil contract, 1 billion tenge – self-payers.

The largest deductions for the reporting period were made by residents of Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Karaganda region, the smallest – by residents of North Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions.

It should be noted that contributions and deductions for compulsory health insurance are transferred to a special account with the National Bank. These funds are used to pay for medical services of the compulsory health insurance package provided by medical organizations – providers of the Social Health Insurance Fund.

At the moment, 15.8 million people are covered by medical insurance.

From January to September, the Fund allocated 215.4 billion tenge to finance medical care of the compulsory health insurance package. Most of the expenses – 90 billion tenge – are associated with the provision of specialized medical care in inpatient and inpatient substitution conditions. In general, 591 thousand patients were treated in round-the-clock hospitals for compulsory health insurance, and 373 thousand patients were treated in day hospitals.

From January to September, the Social Health Insurance Fund allocated more than 17 billion tenge to pay for high-tech medical services – these are, first of all, expensive operations: the number of treated cases is more than 5 thousand, their average cost is about 3.1 million tenge.

For rehabilitation treatment and medical rehabilitation, 16.6 billion tenge was paid, the number of treated cases was more than 80 thousand. Recall that currently, citizens have the opportunity to undergo rehabilitation after coronavirus and coronavirus infection.

During the reporting period, the SHIF allocated 65.6 billion tenge for consultative and diagnostic services, 7.7 million studies were carried out. More than 2 billion tenge was paid for screenings among the population.

For 9 months, over 5.3 million dental services were provided to certain categories of the population for about 10 billion tenge.

“The Social Health Insurance Fund reminds that protecting the rights of patients is a priority in the work of the Fund.        If the patient is faced with a refusal to provide medical care, or it was provided in an inappropriate manner, then you need to contact the SHIF through the feedback channels – the contact center at 1406, the Qoldau 24 \ 7 mobile application, or the SaqtandyruBot Telegram bot. Specialists and experts of the Fund will promptly respond and provide the necessary assistance, ”the press service of the SHIF noted.

It is worth noting that in January-September alone, the Social Health Insurance Fund received 469 thousand applications from the population. More than 454 thousand of all appeals are of a consulting nature, almost six thousand are complaints, more than two thousand are gratitude to medical organizations and doctors.