Kazakhstan has become a member of International Trade Organization

International Trade Organization opened its doors to Kazakhstan.

 The discussion lasted 19 years. The government and experts worked hard, fighting for country  favorable conditions. The agreements were reached on the vulnerable Kazakhstan economic problems. Among them the agricultural support,  the Kazakhstan content,  the finance and  the telecommunication.

Kazakhstan succeeded to coincide the EAEU and ITO demands with national interests.

 And the longed day has come!

   On June, 22-d, 2015  the  ITO final session working group was opened in Geneva.

  On the final session was announced Kazakhstan membership in International Trade Organization.

   Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan President addressed  to Kazakhstan people in connection with it.
 The ITO membership opens a great possibilities for Kazakhstan economy, integration into world economy,  entering into 30-ty competitive countries of the world and realization  of “100 concrete steps”national plan .

On the final ITO session was officially announced the final results  of Kazakhstan ITO membership. Kazakhstan will become the 162-d country with favorable investment climate,  trading in correspondence with international Law.

    ITO membership will open the international market for Kazakhstan companies and plants, and a great choice of goods and services for customers .

”  Today  the 90 per cent of our trade is in the ITO countries. And that is why the decision is very important for us. Kazakhstan is becoming more  attractive as for foreign investors  so as for home investors.   The opportunities for new production and employment  are opened for us”,  President said.  

  In his speech, Nursultan Nazarbayev marked that the ITO standards coincide with “The  five institutional reforms” of Kazakhstan .

The ITO membership is Kazakhstan victory as a whole and  it shows the   global economy recognition.   
 At the same time the state continues to support home producers and this support will correspond to the  international standards.  alongside with the privileges, the ITO membership will make competition stronger.

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