A custodian of two sacred places and a new Saudi Arabian King

Kazakhstan President N.Nazarbaev  sent a congratulation tellegram to  a Salman ben Abdel Al Saudu, a new Saudi Arabien King on the occasion of his inauguration to throne .

The  Head of new Saudi Arab kingthe  State sincerely congratulated  the Monarch from the name of Kazakhstan people  and personally and sent him the best wishes: “I’m sure that  The Saudi Arabian Kingdom will continue the policy based on Islam followers ‘  service. I wish the Kingdom to achieve new heights in its development and raising its role in the international arena”.

The Head oNazarbaev, Saudi arabian Kingf the State expressed the hope that the friendship and  the partnership between Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia will dynamically deepen for the sake of  the people of two countries.

Kazakhstan President wished Salmen ben Abdil Aziz Al Saudu King be healthy and wealthy and a success in his activity  and a piece and  a unity to the friendly  Saudi Arabian people.

Abdullah ben Abdel Aziz Al Saudu, an Arabian King died on January 23, 2015.Saudi Aravien king 1713210_20150123105305

Nursultan Nazarbaev, Kazaklhstan President sent a telegram to present his condolence with the death of Abdulllah ben Abdel Aziz Al Saudu, an Arabian King,  to the Custodian of  the two sacred places  and presented condolence to the king family and Saudi folk. Kazakhstan President underlined that Abdullah king devoted his life to protect Saudi Arabian people’s interests and to all Islam followers and also to the development of  justice and charity.Kazakhstan people will remember Abdullah king as a wise Ruler, a recognized politician and a historic person, making a great contribution to a bilateral cooperation”, said in the telegram. N.Nazarbaev, feeling with sorrow of a non recovered loss, presented his sincere condolence  to Salmen ben Abdel Aziz Saudu and to all  Saudi Arabian folk.  

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