The governor of Almaty checked the readiness of communal services for the upcoming winter

The governor of Almaty checked the readiness of communal services for the upcoming winter

Bauyrzhan Baybek ordered to install information boards in all districts of the city indicating the number of the “hot” line, contacts of the heads of sections and the deputy governors of the districts for prompt response to the appeals of citizens and timely snow removal. For the convenience of Almaty residents, this information will be publicly available on the Internet.

As a part of Almaty street’s construction and the realization of “City for People” concept, public service had an order to make an emphasis on cleaning sidewalks for pedestrians, bus stops and intensifying the work with CPH on interior yards. The organization of the relevant control over the contracting organizations will be carried out by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management of the city of Almaty.

“In connection with the reconstruction of the city, specialized equipment will work on the updated avenues and streets, including Pony multifunctional cleaning machines, mini loaders and light tractors. Workers will use special tools to prevent damage to the coating, ”said Asset Masabaev, head of the department.

According to him, the total area of cleaned roads in the city is about 20 million m². 13 contracting organizations and 1,285 units of special equipment will be involved in the winter street cleaning. The number of road workers is planned to increase from 1,700 to 3,200.

Created production bases in the context of areas of the city, which will speed up harvesting by 1.5 times. Modular containers are installed in places where workers are stationed, where they can change clothes and warm themselves with hot food and drinks. Together with the police and the rescue service, the evacuators on duty and the maintenance of the sweepers were organized.