ATYRAU UNIVERSITY OF OIL AND GAS after S. Utebaev, Colorado Mining School and Charitable Foundation after  M. ASAUBAYEVA SIGNED A MEMORANDUM OF COOPERATION

Colorado School of Mines – public research institute of engineering and applied sciences; is one of the top ranked public universities in the US. On behalf of the Mines, the Memorandum was signed by the President (Rector) of the Colorado School of Mines, Paul Johnson.
As part of mutually beneficial cooperation, the universities agreed to:
– on the organization of advanced training of personnel;
– on the organization of short-term courses, lectures and professional seminars;
– on the organization of outsourcing programs of the Colorado School of Mines at the Atyrau University of Oil and Gas. after S. Utebaeva;
– on the creation of joint educational programs;
– about joint work on scientific and innovative projects;
– about the exchange of experience, knowledge and teachers;
– about the opening of a branch of the Colorado School of Mines in Atyrau.
According to the QS international ranking of the best universities, Colorado School of Mines ranks 503 in the world. The Colorado School of Mines is #1 in the world for mining engineering and #9 in the world for oil and gas engineering. Also, the university has its own Edgar mine, which is actively used to train specialists in the search, development and processing of natural resources. The American industry actively supports the scientific, research and educational programs of the Colorado School of Mines.