Preparedness for vaccination of the population against COVID-19 was discussed in the Ministry of Health

Today, Vice Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Chief State Sanitary Doctor Yerlan Kiyasov took part in an online briefing and discussion of the WHO Regional Office for Europe for the Ministers of Health of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan on the current situation of COVID-19. One of the main issues on the agenda was ensuring the readiness of countries for the distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 and vaccination.
“Today in the Republic of Kazakhstan there is a stabilization of the epidemiological situation. To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, a set of preventive measures is being carried out, as well as measures for vaccine prevention. Today, many countries, including Kazakhstan, are actively working to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, including the development of vaccines against COVID-19, ”Kiyasov said.
Special attention is now being paid to several vaccine candidates that are in phase III clinical trials.
“Considering the successful experience in the development and registration of the first vaccine against CVI, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Direct Investment Fund, according to which the Russian Federation will transfer technology and supply a substance for the production of at least 2 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine to the territory of Kazakhstan “, This issue is being worked out in detail with Russian specialists”, – said the Vice Minister.
In June this year, the construction of a biopharmaceutical plant for the production of vaccines at the Research Institute of Biological Safety of the Committee of Sciences of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan with a capacity of up to 60 million doses of biopharmaceuticals was launched. Kazakh scientists have developed a vaccine against COVID-19, which is included in the WHO list and is successfully passing clinical trials.
On behalf of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the contingent of citizens subject to vaccination will be expanded, including additional socially vulnerable groups of the population. Currently, work is underway to prepare a plan for organizing and conducting vaccination against coronavirus infection, including vaccination tactics, taking into account the characteristics of the developed vaccines against CVI. In accordance with the plan for the organization and conduct of vaccination against coronavirus infection, vaccination against CVI will be organized on the basis of the existing vaccination rooms of medical organizations conducting routine preventive vaccinations. Informing the population about the start of vaccination against coronavirus infection will begin after the completion of all phases of clinical trials, clarification of the complete data on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines against coronavirus infection, and determination of the date of delivery of the vaccine to the country.
“In this matter, we expect methodological support from international organizations – the World Health Organization and UNICEF,” said the Vice Minister.
At the end of the meeting, E. Kiyasov expressed gratitude to the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the country for the leading and key role in combating and preventing the spread of COVID in Kazakhstan and in the world.