Young scientists of the KazNU have developed a startup for missile modeling

Young scientists of the KazNU have developed a startup for missile modeling

Education is the main path of the growth of human capital and advanced training.

The 3rd year doctoral students of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi Erkebulan Maral and Genghis Khan Sultahan created a startup-the project “Standlab-Development and Engineering”. The company is engaged in engineering, production and marketing of scientific and demonstration stands for school classrooms of chemistry, physics and biology.

At the first stage of the project, a scientific and demonstration stand was developed for classrooms of secondary schools dedicated to the field of modeling missiles. A methodological instruction of the base course package was also created. Here, students not only study the theory of modeling missiles for two weeks, but also study in practice. The theoretical side includes knowledge of physics, mathematics, chemistry, experiences – consists in the design, calculation and development of individual parts, assembly, design and launch of a rocket.

To date, the first stream of students to missile modeling  has been trained. In the future, it is planned to improve the basic package of courses to the level of a young engineer. Students will create models of missiles from composite materials and study their aerodynamic characteristics at test stands.

“The course contributes to the better assimilation of the general laws of physics, especially aerodynamics. From theory to practice – as a result, a personal aircraft is created. The student receives motivation for further assimilation of complex theory through design-oriented learning. Faced with engineering, scientific and technological problems, finds ways to solve them. Students can also participate in international sports competitions, ”the authors of the project say.

The startup mission is a system modernization of the material and technical base and the educational methodology of domestic educational institutions through innovative technologies. The authors of the project intend not only to interest schoolchildren with the study of physics, chemistry, aerodynamics, rocket science, but also to make this process modern and interesting.

Currently, work on the project “Standlab – Development and Engineering” is ongoing. At the next stages, stands of chemistry and biology rooms will be created. As a result of the implementation of the project, secondary schools on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be equipped with high-quality scientific and demonstration stands.