“All our achievements have become possible due to active participation of women”.

On  March  the 4, 2016 President Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulated all women of Kazakhstan on the International Women’s Day during  his meeting with representatives of women’s community of Kazakhstan and  his visit of the concert dedicated to the International Women’s Day in Central Concert Hall Kazakhstan in Astana.

04.03.16.Naz P s .ZHD

    The head of state emphasized the invaluable role of women in the development of Kazakhstan and wished them happiness, health and prosperity.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted the meeting gathered representatives of different professions. 

Among you there are mothers of large families, businesswomen, soldiers, scientists, doctors, teachers, cultural and sports figures, and journalists. Over the years of independence I’ve always felt the support of our women. All our achievements have become possible due to your active participation. You are the embodiment of unity, creativity and stability of our society,” he said.

The President noted that motherhood is women’s true vocation in life.

A child, who was brought up with love, especially at a younger age, becomes a good citizen of his country. Over the 25 years of independence, 7 million young Kazakhstanis came into the world. In our country, 45 babies are born every hour and 400,000 babies are born every year. All of this has become possible due to the level of well-being and people’s confidence in the future. The new generation is the future of Kazakhstan. This year, I signed a decree establishing the Ombudsman for Children in Kazakhstan that will be a guarantor of children’s rights. At the same time the celebration and holding of a nationwide competition titled Mereylі Otbasy (Happy Family) has become traditional in Kazakhstan,” he added.

04.03.16.Naz Concert

The head of state stressed that as part of the implementation of the 100 Concrete Steps National Plan he signed a decree on the adoption of a new state programme of educational and scientific development for 2016-2019.

It will bring a lot of advantages. Our national educational standards will be updated on the basis of international ones. Each graduate will have an opportunity to get basic working skills. At present we are trying our best to provide 100% of children with pre-school education. Next year we will start gradually introducing trilingual education. By 2020 we will accomplish the transition to 12-year education. Scientists predict that by 2020 the so-called digital kids will constitute 50% of the world population. Therefore by the year 2019 all our schools must have access to high speed internet. Since we have already been integrating into the OECD, we need to implement these measures,” he said.

In conclusion, Nursultan Nazarbayev once again congratulated those present on the upcoming holiday and wished them happiness and success in all endeavors.

In their speeches, representatives of women’s community of Kazakhstan, in turn, told about their achievements, noting the positive effects of the currently pursued socio-economic policies.


The renowned artists and singers of Kazakhstan performed well-known songs from the movies that gained popularity among the general public.


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