President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev met with the Chairman of the Commission on Drug Policy of Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia, Alexander Kwasniewski
June 19, 2024

During the meeting, issues of interaction with the Information Exchange Commission, popularization of best practices and useful experience in combating the spread of drug addiction and drug trafficking were discussed.

– Your mission is very serious. We consider it extremely useful for the development of our cooperation related to the fight against drug addiction. Here we pay great attention to this issue. Recently, speaking at a meeting of the National Kurultai, I said that we must very seriously revise our legislation in the direction of tightening punishment for those individuals who are involved in the production and illegal sale of narcotic drugs among the population. You continue an important mission for the benefit of humanity, heading the Commission on Drug Policy of the Countries of Eastern and Central Europe, as well as Central Asia. Kazakhstan is ready to actively interact with the Commission,” the President emphasized.

In turn, Alexander Kwasniewski spoke about new programs and measures aimed at increasing the effectiveness of anti-drug policy.

The interlocutors agreed to continue joint work to prevent drug addiction and combat the illegal spread of drugs.