MLSPP started to develop a draft law on professional qualifications

MLSPP started to develop a draft law on professional qualifications

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the MLSPP), together with interested state bodies, representatives of employees, employers and business, is developing draft laws “On professional qualifications” and “On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on professional qualifications” …

In his Address to the people of Kazakhstan dated September 1, 2021, “The unity of the people and systemic reforms are a solid foundation for the country’s prosperity,” the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev stressed that the global coronavirus pandemic has led to a significant transformation of the labor market.

The head of state noted that against the background of the emergence of many new professions, automation and digitalization of most processes, a new trend is gaining momentum – the need to constantly improve the professional skills of workers. In such realities, personal competitiveness can only be ensured by repeated retraining and mastering new professions. This requires the creation of an effective system of certification of specialists, enshrined at the legislative level. In order to form a “full cycle” of the qualification system for specialists, the following innovations have been introduced within the framework of the draft basic law.

Firstly, two forms of assessing the qualifications of specialists are determined:

on a mandatory (established at the level of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and carried out by regulatory state bodies) and on a voluntary basis.

Secondly, incentives are introduced for employees to recognize qualifications and acquire new skills through compensation, guarantees and benefits from employers;

declaration of activities for employers who send their employees for advanced training and others.

It also provides for the establishment of the rights and obligations of qualification recognition centers, applicants for the recognition of their qualifications, carried out on a voluntary basis.

The key is the introduction of norms for the recognition of qualifications obtained as a result of non-formal education.

“Global and national challenges determine the need for the formation of a new employment policy, which is aimed at developing the competence of the workforce and the qualification system. But, according to OECD experts, the level of Kazakhstan’s participation in formal and / or non-formal education is only 17%.

The draft law “On professional qualifications” is aimed at encouraging Kazakhstani workers to improve their professional skills, which will significantly increase their competitiveness in the labor market, “said First Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Akmadi Sarbasov.

Adoption of bills:

– will give employees the opportunity to quickly and quality employment in accordance with their qualifications;

– will allow employers to obtain a real, independent assessment of the level of professional suitability of workers, to obtain qualified specialists and to achieve an increase in labor productivity.

According to the approved procedure for the development of legal acts, the MLSPP has already prepared advisory regulatory policy documents for these legislative acts, they can be found here: 1337 & lang = ru.