AEC Takes the Message of a Just Energy Transition and Support for Oil & Gas to Afro Nation Festival in Portugal

During Afro Nation, the AEC will be promoting the role of youth in Africa’s energy future.

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) is participating in the world’s biggest Afro beats festival, Afro Nation, mobilizing thousands of Africans as well as the African diaspora to push for a just energy transition and defend Africa’s right to use fossil fuels. Representing the voice of the African energy sector, as well as a strong advocate for Africa’s socioeconomic development, the AEC will be travelling to Afro Nation, promoting the role young people play in Africa’s energy future.

Representing the fastest growing population as well as the youngest population in the world, Africa’s human capital is unmatched. With the continent’s energy future largely determined by the ability of its young population to mobilize and drive investment and development across the continent’s oil and gas sectors, the AEC will be engaging with a variety of people at the festival, pushing for a just transition in Africa that is driven by the young population. Afro Nation offers a unique opportunity for the AEC to directly discuss the challenges and opportunities Africa’s energy sector faces, while promoting the role of youth in defining a future centered around Africa’s needs.