The Social Health Insurance Fund sent to finance medical care within the package of compulsory health insurance over 163 billion tenge

For 8 months of this year, the Social Health Insurance Fund allocated 163.6 billion tenge to pay for medical care in the compulsory health insurance package, the press service of the SHIF reports.

For 8 months of this year, 351.2 billion tenge of contributions and deductions were received on the CSI. At the same time, the state remains the main payer to the health insurance system, which pays contributions for 15 preferential categories. State contributions amounted to 197.2 billion tenge, employers’ contributions – 100.9 billion tenge, 50.8 billion tenge were contributions of employees, individual entrepreneurs, persons engaged in private practice, self-payers, USP contributions – 2.3 billion tenge.

It should be noted that contributions and deductions for compulsory health insurance are transferred to a special account at the National Bank, then the funds are sent to pay for medical services provided under the compulsory health insurance package to medical organizations – suppliers of the Fund.

“Currently, the country is undergoing a campaign of attachment to polyclinics. Based on the results of the attachment campaign, funding will be planned for 2021, taking into account the distribution of the population in the context of medical organizations. The Fund is interested in the absolute reliability of the databases, taking into account all Kazakhstanis, for each attached resident, per capita financing is paid to medical organizations on a monthly basis, ”the Fund recalled.

Most of the expenses in the period from January to August were payments for inpatient medical care – over 62 billion tenge, and for hospital services in rural areas – 14.6 billion tenge. For 8 months, more than 660 thousand people have been treated in the country’s hospitals as planned.

Another 54 billion tenge was paid to medical organizations for the provision of consultative and diagnostic assistance. It is worth noting that CT and MRI services remain the most relevant for citizens. For 8 months, patients received more than 400 thousand CT and MRI services.

More than 14 billion tenge was paid by the Fund for the provision of high-tech services to the population, such services were received by over 4.5 thousand people, another 13 billion tenge was directed to pay for inpatient care.

For 8 months of this year, the Social Health Insurance Fund paid 5.1 billion tenge for the provision of more than 2.8 million dental services to the population.

Along with that, about 67 thousand Kazakhstanis received medical rehabilitation after acute conditions (heart attack, stroke, etc.) and surgical interventions.

Recall that in the second quarter, within the framework of quarantine, there was a restriction on the provision of medical care in a planned manner. Since August 1, routine medical care in the country’s clinics has been resumed, so in August-September, there is an increase in the consumption of medical services by the population in the compulsory health insurance package.