The “Energy-Taraz” company  produces more than 40 models of lamps

Energy Taraz is a Kazakhstani manufacturer and supplier of modern energy efficient lighting products, electrical equipment, various metal structures, and products. The company also performs a full range of electrical work: from the development of design estimates to electrical tests.
The plant for the production of LED lamps was commissioned in 2011. The plant is equipped with equipment from Germany, Czech Republic, South Korea, Turkey, China.
Currently, more than 40 models of luminaires are produced, we have our own production of housings, LED modules, power supplies, and other components. The production capacity is 5,000 lamps per year and 500 complete transformer substations.
It should be noted that the share of Kazakhstani content in products has been increased to 70-80%. The company has CT KZ certificates and patent No. 3353, certificate No. 105693 for intellectual property. The lamps use LEDs from the world’s leading manufacturers from the USA, Germany, South Korea with a luminous efficiency of up to 190 lm / W.
Luminaires that have received the “Best Product of Kazakhstan-2015” award are tested on a special stand and in a sprinkler chamber, which gives confidence in the quality of the goods and a guarantee of up to 5 years. Products are sold both on the domestic market and in neighboring countries – Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
In addition to the production of lighting devices, the company is widely known for its services in the assembly and installation of electrical substations, while carrying out a full range of electrical work. The specialists of the Energy-Taraz company have implemented more than 500 projects for the reconstruction and construction of energy facilities. Over 500 km of overhead and cable lines were installed and laid, outdated lighting systems along highways were reconstructed, including within the framework of the Western Europe – Western China project. New progressive technologies and materials were used in the implementation of projects. The works are carried out on time and with high quality, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews.
The company was awarded the Parys Presidential Prize for the creation of a socially-oriented production. After all, a third of more than a hundred of its employees are people with disabilities. For them, “Energy-Taraz” is that inextinguishable source that does not let the light of hope and optimism fade.