The akim of the capital presented the “Khalyk Alkysy” state medal  to volunteers and caring citizens

During the meeting, issues were also discussed on creating a single platform, which will include all representatives of volunteer organizations and movements.  Altai Kulginov akim of Nur-Sultan wrote about it on his page on Instagram, the official website of the akimat reports.

“During the pandemic, the townspeople showed solidarity, helped their neighbors, and made a significant contribution to the non-proliferation of COVID-19. Volunteers were on duty at checkpoints, participated in disinfection, and worked in the Operational Headquarters. We delivered medicines, food, and protective equipment to low-income categories of our citizens. Thanks to joint efforts, the situation was stabilized.

At an online meeting with representatives of charitable organizations, volunteer organizations and the business sector, the head of state noted that in the context of the pandemic, charity and volunteering have taken on a nationwide scale and are becoming a social norm. The President stressed that the development of volunteer activities, support of charity, and patronage is a long-term priority of the state.

The “Biz Birgemiz Foundation”, created on the initiative of Elbasy, has provided financial support to thousands of families, the townspeople have shown high social responsibility.

The meeting discussed the creation of a single platform, which will include all representatives of volunteer organizations and movements. This will make it possible to provide targeted assistance to those in need, so that no one is left behind, and the transparency of the distribution of assistance will also be visible. In addition, a number of directions for the development and support of volunteer organizations were discussed.

Today, active volunteers and caring citizens, on behalf of the President, presented the “Khalyk Algysy” medals . We express our gratitude for the selfless work and mutual assistance in this difficult period! ”, wrote Altai Kulginov.