Six industrial parks will be opened in the Industrial zone of Almaty

In 2020, six small industrial parks will be launched on the territory of the Industrial Zone of Almaty. Currently, developers of KazStroyTrade LLP, D&J Industries & Logistic LLP, Atrix-Stroy LLP, Metall con. LLP, Ala Estate LLP, ADS Industries LLP are completing design work and are planning to begin construction and installation work on the sites. The total area of ​​production facilities will be 28 thousand square meters. They will place about 70 industries in the construction, furniture, light, and food industries. It is planned to create more than 700 new jobs.

Production facilities will be provided to SMEs on preferential terms: at a fixed rental rate for a period of 5-7 years, regardless of devaluation risks. The cost of renting a room will be 1000-1200 tenge. per sq. meter. The purchase price of the premises is up to 145,000 tenge. per square meter. Already 56 companies have shown interest in participating in a small industrial park on the territory of the Industrial Zone of Almaty. Advantages of the implementation of industrial park projects: introduction of empty production and administrative premises in the city; assistance in the creation and development of business in areas with low business activity (new jobs, taxes); preferential financing rates of 2-7%.

Nowadays, two industrial parks are already operating in the city of Almaty in Nauryzbay district, these are BrotMaster LLP and Ala Estate LLP and one industrial park in Turksib district – Samruk Group LLP. They launched the production of furniture, haberdashery, drinks, roasting coffee. Negotiations are underway with potential participants on the placement of paper production, spoiler products, etc.

The industrial zone of Almaty was established in 2012. The total area of ​​the territory is 490 hectares, of which 326 hectares are allocated for projects (164 hectares for infrastructure). Today, for the implementation of investment projects, 271.7 hectares are allocated (54.3 hectares are free). Residents are 58 companies worth 260 billion tenge, of which 18 with foreign participation (China, Russia, Japan, Iran, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, South Korea, Turkey, the United States) with the creation of 8.5 thousand jobs.

12 enterprises were commissioned (BRBAPK LLP, Almapack Co.LTD LLP, DOC Co.LTD LLP, TOKYO ROPE ALMATY LLP, KMK Investment LLP, KazTigerTape LLP, ASSET LLP, ENKO LLP, Eizha Steel Pipe Corporation LLP, Tekhnoid LLP, MPZ Bizhan LLP, Almerek LLP) for a total investment of 68.8 billion tenge, with the creation of 1,864 jobs, taxes were paid on 1.9 billion tenge, 62.3 hectares have been developed.

In 2020, it is planned to launch 10 projects that are under active construction (Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan, Kaz-Dia-Test, G.S.G. SAVENERGY), the total investment is 30.5 billion tenge with the creation of 1,140 jobs. In 2021 and subsequent years, it is planned to launch 36 projects in the amount of 159.5 billion tenge with the creation of 5,450 jobs.

On the territory of the Industrial Zone of Almaty, high-tech projects of such companies as Tehvid, KMK Investment, BRB APK, Doc Co. have been and will be implemented. Ltd., ENKO, MPZ Bizhan, Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan, DorKhan-Almaty, Astana Invest Corporation, ECO STAR BOILER, Almaty Thermal Insulation Plant. 20 enterprises plan to produce export-oriented products.

 Press-office of the MIID of RK