Shoe factory “LuxShoes” established a new line for the production of soles and pads

The second stage of the LuxShoes LLP factory for the production of soles and pads was put into operation within the framework of the Entrepreneurship Support Card of the city of Shymkent. The factory’s capacities allow producing up to 250 pairs of EVA soles, up to 350 pairs of thermo soles and up to 150 pairs of rubber soles.
The domestic footwear manufacturing enterprise JV LuxShoes LLP has been operating since August 2018 on the territory of the Ontustik special economic zone of the Enbekshinsky district of the city of Shymkent. The amount of investments in the project was 400 million tenge, the factory employs 40 people.
At the same time, at the beginning of 2020, the company established its own production of lasts and soles for children’s, men’s and women’s shoes, as well as soles for special-purpose shoes. Within the framework of the “Economy of Simple Things” program, 290 million tenge was invested to expand production and an additional 10 new jobs were created for local residents.
The range of manufactured products includes more than 30 models of men’s footwear (boots, boots, shoes, sandals, sports shoes, etc.). All shoe models are made of genuine leather and are characterized by high wear resistance and durability. In the process of manufacturing shoe soles, materials such as EVA, thermo and rubber are used.
In turn, the benefits and preferences of the special economic zone in the form of ready-made infrastructure, exemption from taxes on land, property, corporate income tax, exemption from import VAT, customs duties on imported raw materials and equipment allow the company to develop steadily and saturate the market with competitive products of domestic production …