02/10/2019 , Nur-Sultan

All victims receive the necessary medical care 

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Currently, on behalf of the Head of State, the Government Commission is working at the scene.

To provide emergency medical care, a group of specialists and emergency medical teams were immediately sent to the scene. In total, more than 100 medical workers and 36 ambulance transport units were involved, including 2 ambulance helicopters.

According to data on February 10 of this year In total, as a result of the mass conflict, 178 people were injured, the death toll was 10 people (8 on the spot, 2 in the hospital from injuries incompatible with life).

So, 170 people asked for medical help. Of those who applied: outpatient care was provided to 117 victims (102 – Kazakhstan, 15 in the Kyrgyz Republic); Inpatient care was provided to 53 victims (43 in the Republic of Kazakhstan, 10 in the Kyrgyz Republic).

As of 12.00 hours on 02.10.2020, 41 patients are in hospital treatment: in hospitals in Almaty – 25; Zhambyl region – 14; in the hospital of the Kyrgyz Republic – 2. Of these: 9 patients are in intensive care, in specialized departments – 32 patients with various injuries. 17 patients underwent surgery.

It should be noted that today is February 10 this year Preparations are underway for the transportation to Almaty of 1 patient with the Kordai CRH and 2 patients from the Kyrgyz Republic.

It should be noted that all types and volumes of medical care are provided to all patients within the framework of the guaranteed volume of free medical care.

At the moment, all patients are under the supervision of specialists and receive the necessary treatment.

Press Service of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan