Proposals to the Akim of the capital Altay Kulginov from citizens on the development of the city

Citizens’ proposals to the Akim of the capital Altay Kulginov on the development of the city were received on the website “Birge”

Akim of the capital Altai Kulginov on his Instagram page spoke about what proposals for the development of the city came from citizens to the website “Birge”, the official website of the Nur-Sultan Akimat reports.

“For 10 days, the site“ Birge ”( received 130 proposals from the townspeople in various directions. I would like to dwell on some of them.

For example, in the education sector, a resident proposed to create a single student card, which students could use to pay in public transport, students’ scholarships, admission to the university will also be tied to it, and it will also be possible to use it as a discount voucher in city institutions. Previously, we launched a map with a similar functionality in our schools.

In addition, there were also proposals to create an observation deck in the area of ​​the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (Pyramid). This year, we plan to continue the large-scale greening of the area with improvement and expansion of public space there.

Ideas were also received for pedestrian crossings. It is proposed to illuminate traffic lights brighter at night, “a bright light signals the driver about pedestrians.” This project is very important to us. In the pilot project on Kabanbai Batyr Avenue at the intersection with Atasu Street, we launched a projection pedestrian crossing. The selected location is illuminated at night by three LED projectors. In any weather, motorists and pedestrians will be able to see an illuminated display of a white and yellow pedestrian zebra on the road. If this project proves to be effective, we will scale it to other areas where there is significant road traffic.

There were also proposals to launch a single search engine, which will display the history of unscrupulous suppliers of goods / services, the integration of the Astra Bus mobile application with 2GIS, the opening of mini-supermarkets based on warm stops, etc.
As you know, the work of the site “Birge” ( was launched so that the proposals of the townspeople on the development of the city would come to a single base, and we could develop our capital together. The platform’s functioning process is simple: the first is the proposal of an idea, the second is the selection, the third is the implementation of the project.

We implement the best offers of residents in the city! We are developing the capital within the framework of the master plan “Nur-Sultan is a comfortable city”, we can make the city truly comfortable together! “, – the akim wrote in his Instagram.