“People’s Control” section was created on the SC-Pharmacy website


The openness and transparency of SC-Pharmacy are factors that will help the company gain the trust of Kazakh people. In order to ensure these principles, a “People’s Control” section has been created on the official website of the company, the information in which will be constantly updated.

The information of greatest public interest – humanitarian aid, transparency of procurement, and the supply of medicines to medical organizations will be published in  the “People’s control section. A number of headings are currently under development.

In order to strengthen the component of public control, the company is also currently working on the issue of creating a Public Council.

So, at present, the site already contains information on humanitarian aid: information on the receipt and distribution of humanitarian aid across the regions, entering the country through SC-Pharmacia, the closed nature of which has caused the greatest number of complaints from the public. All this information can be found at the link https://sk- harmacy.kz/rus/narodnyy_kontrol/gumanitarnaya_pomosh/. The data in the section is updated on a daily basis.

All information about humanitarian aid – from the timing of receipt and shipment, to the number and final recipients – is now publicly available. In the section, you can find two tables in which the distribution of assistance is indicated by region and up to medical organizations.

Let us remind you that SC-Pharmacia, as an operator for receiving humanitarian aid, accepts incoming humanitarian aid, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, forms a distribution order, and ensures the transportation of goods received from benefactors. Logistic procedures are carried out at the expense of the company.

The preliminary informing model, implemented in “SC-Pharmacia”, allows in real time, during the flight of the cargo, to receive all the necessary permits, distribution orders, and to start the shipment of the arrived aid literally “from the wheels.”

All procedures for the prompt receipt and distribution of humanitarian aid are accelerated as much as possible thanks to the interaction of all involved structures: the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, customs and border services, air transport companies, airports and akimats.

Since the introduction of quarantine in Kazakhstan due to the spread of coronavirus infection, the country has received humanitarian aid from China, Japan, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Qatar, Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation, as well as a number of large companies. All medicines received as humanitarian aid were evenly distributed among the regions.