On the results of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Kazakhstan

08/03/2020 Nur-Sultan

From August 1, 2020, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan began to apply updated methods for generating statistical data on the incidence of COVID-19. Based on the new codes of the international classification of diseases, both laboratory-confirmed cases of CVI and cases of pneumonia with a negative PCR result are taken into account.
The coronavirus case coding algorithm uses U07.1 for confirmed cases and U07.2 for unconfirmed or probable cases. Patients with both the first and second codes will be identified as having COVID-19.
“This approach will make it possible to make correct predictions of morbidity, to adequately plan the necessary resources: medical personnel, beds, medical equipment, medicines, as well as to ensure transparency of statistics,” Alexey Tsoy, Minister of Health said during a press conference.

Caroline Clarenville, Head of the WHO Country Office in Kazakhstan, believes that the application of the updated methodology is an excellent opportunity to highlight the importance of providing accurate, timely and standardized health information to inform health action, such as public health interventions, how health facilities operate and their ability to operate during peak loads.
In total, for the period from March 13 to August 2 of this year, the incidence of coronavirus infection was 92 662 cases, deaths – 1058. At the same time, from January 1 to August 2 of this year, 256 541 cases of pneumonia were registered. Compared to the same period last year, the number of registered cases of diseases increased 3.3 times (76 985 cases). In accordance with these statistics, the Ministry conducts an analysis of mortality from pneumonia.
Since the beginning of this year, the death rate from pneumonia has been 4042, there is an increase of 1.9 times compared to 2019 (2,033 cases).
For the period from March 13, 62,511 patients were discharged with recovery, which is 67.4%, over the last day – 672. The largest number of recovered patients is noted in West Kazakhstan (87%), Almaty (80%), Turkestan (79%) , Kostanay (75%), Akmola (73%), Mangistau (72%) regions and in the city of Nur-Sultan (73%).
After the introduction of strict restrictive quarantine measures, a decrease in the daily increase in morbidity is observed both in the republic (from 4.0 to 1.2) and in the regions: Almaty, Atyrau, East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Kostanay and Mangistau regions, in Shymkent.

Information Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan