More than 130 thousand jobs have already been created as part of the ERM

As part of the Employment Roadmap for 2020-2021 (hereinafter referred to as EPM), 6 107 projects have been launched, which created 130.6 thousand jobs.
As part of the ERM, local executive bodies selected 6,506 projects for implementation.

The implementation of infrastructure projects of the ERM will take place in 4 main areas:
– overhaul and current repairs, reconstruction, and construction of socio-cultural facilities (2 703 projects);
– capital, medium and current repairs, reconstruction of housing and communal services (1,039 projects);
– capital, medium and current repairs, reconstruction, construction of engineering and transport infrastructure (1,799 projects);
– improvement of settlements (965 projects).
A special condition for the implementation of infrastructure projects of ERM is to ensure the use of at least 90% of the goods and services of domestic manufacturers. At least half of the workers will be hired through employment centers, priority will be given to unemployed youth. Contractors must ensure safe working conditions, using sanitary and epidemiological measures.
In the regions, work was started on 6 107 projects, 130.6 thousand jobs were created, including 71.3 thousand through employment centers.
In total, it is planned to create 255 thousand jobs within the framework of the DKZ. Moreover, ERM projects will create the basis for opening in the future more than 100 thousand permanent jobs.
As previously reported, the implementation of ERM will have a significant positive effect.
For example, the construction of 80 new educational facilities will solve the problems of emergency and three-shift schools, increase the accessibility of educational organizations in rural areas, and also employ about 7 thousand teachers for permanent work. The construction of 24 health facilities will increase access to primary health care, and will also help to employ about 1 thousand health workers. The construction of 36 objects of culture and sports will have a positive effect on the development of mass sports, will solve the problems of leisure for young people, and provide permanent work for 1.6 thousand people.
In turn, the construction of 12 new and modernization of existing water facilities will increase the availability of drinking water for the population, will expand the area of ​​irrigated land, involve unused land in circulation, and provide 77 thousand people with employment in related industries. The construction of 247 new and the modernization of existing housing and communal services will create conditions for housing construction, ensure the availability of utility services for the rural population, and reduce the wear of utility networks. Improvement of settlements will not only improve their appearance, but also create conditions for safe and comfortable leisure and recreation for citizens.
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