In Almaty region, the level of medical equipment and sanitary transport has reached 90%

In the Almaty region, the level of medical equipment and sanitary vehicles has risen to 90%. This was announced today by the akim of the region Amandyk Batalov during a reporting meeting with the population of the region, – the press service of the akim of the Almaty region reported.

“Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic posed a major challenge to the healthcare system. To fight the pandemic, 14 billion tenge was allocated from the local budget, incl. 9 billion tenge to prepare for the second wave. 3 tomographs, 18 X-ray machines, 219 ventilators, 180 ambulances, 12 mobile medical complexes were purchased. As a result, the level of equipping with medical equipment and sanitary vehicles rose to 90%, ”A. Batalov said.

In addition, a modular infectious diseases hospital with 200 beds was built in Taldykorgan in the shortest possible time, the total number of infectious diseases beds was increased to 5280.

In general, 10-15 healthcare facilities are built in the region annually. For example, last year a maternity hospital with 100 beds with an antenatal clinic in Zhambyl district, 10 medical outpatient clinics and 1 first-aid post were introduced.