For about 860 million dollars on 13 memorandums were signed in Almaty region. 

 For about 860 million dollars on 13 memorandums were signed on the results of the investment forum in  Almaty region. 

According to the results of the ZHETYSU INVEST-2019 International Investment Forum held in the Almaty region: “Invest”, “Live it”, “Travel” were signed 13 memorandums on the amount of 860 million dollars. USA. This was announced by Amandyk Batalov, akim of the Almaty region  during “The 10 months results of the socio-economic development of the regions  briefing, which took place at the SCC under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan, the press service of the akim of Almaty region reports.
– The President constantly emphasizes the importance of attracting investments and new technologies, especially in the field of processing, as key factors for sustainable economic growth. And we are taking all measures to create a favorable investment climate and stimulate business activity. One of the results of this work was the expanded investment forum held in the region in October this year, on which we presented the opportunities of the region. At the same time, a “Regional Development Center” is operating in the region; this year, modern front offices in Almaty and Taldykorgan opened, working on the principle of “one window,” A. Batalov said.
According to the akim of Almaty region, among the 500 delegates of the ZHETYSU INVEST-2019 forum were participants from 9 countries, including diplomats, representatives of multinational companies, and well-known businessmen. One of the main results of the investment forum was the signing of 13 memorandums on the amount of 860 million dollars, USA.
In addition, after the forum, the development of projects of the KUSTO GROUP of companies started. They are currently working on the concept of an integrated ecosystem and protein strategy, in which Almaty oblast is assigned one of the key positions. Another core of the KUSTO GROUP ecosystem will be the construction of feedlots. The region plans to open about 10 feedlots with one-time maintenance of up to 100.0 thousand heads of cattle.

Press service of akim of Almaty region