Films about the Great Patriotic War shot at the “Kazakhfilm”studio

Films about the Great Patriotic War shot at the “Kazakhfilm” studio 

For the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, Kazakhfilm opened access to films about the Second World War, the Press Service of “Kazakhfilm” JSC named after Sh.Aimanov reports.

“On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, the “Kazakhfilm film” studio on its youtube channel opened access to a selection of films about the Great Patriotic War, shot in different years. The thematic playlist features 20 films, among which the masterpieces of our classics – Mazhit Begalin, Abdulla Karsakbayev, Oraz Abishev, Nurmukhan Zhanturin, and others. We invite viewers to watch in order to once again recall the exploits of the heroes who valiantly brought closer the bright holiday – Victory Day, ”commented Arman Asenov, president of the Kazakhfilm film studio.

For Kazakhstanis, this holiday is especially important. In 1941, more than 1,200,000 soldiers were mobilized to the front from the Kazakh SSR, and every second of them died.
As you know, at the beginning of the war, enterprises were relocated to Kazakhstan from the European part of Russia. So, in 1941, Mosfilm and Lenfilm were evacuated to Soviet Alma-Ata. As a result of combining them with the Alma-Ata film studio, the Central United Film Studio – TsOKS was formed, which worked in Alma-Ata until 1944, producing 80% of all feature films of the USSR.
Regrettably, every year the veterans of the Second World War, who have made their personal contribution to the fight against the enemy, are becoming less and less. It is very important to preserve the memory of the terrible events of those years so that people always remember the value of life in peacetime. Cinema piercingly and accurately conveys the stories of people whose fate was seared by the war. It will allow us to carry the memory of this terrible tragedy of millions of people through the centuries.

The selection is framed in the thematic playlist “75th Anniversary of the Great Victory”.
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