Entrepreneurs will be reimbursed by part of the costs in the construction of service facilities on the roads

Starting from 2022, Kazakhstan plans to introduce new measures of state support for entrepreneurs who want to open roadside service facilities.
According to the Law on Tourism Activities dated April 30, 2021, the business will be reimbursed by part of the costs for the construction of roadside service facilities in accordance with the national standard in the amount of 10%. In addition, it is planned to subsidize the costs of maintaining sanitary and hygienic units (SSU). Businessmen will receive monthly subsidies of 30 MCI. These measures of state support will be in the competence of local executive bodies.
The Committee for Roads of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for its part, will ensure the construction of ramps and exits within the highway right-of-way, as well as provide ready-made asphalted recreation areas for the construction of gas stations.
We remind that today there are 1,738 roadside service facilities along the republican roads, of which 63% meet the requirements of the National Standard. By the end of 2021, this figure is planned to be increased to 66%.

Press-service of the MIID of the RK