March 21, 2020
Congratulation of the Head of State Kassym-Zhomart Tokaev on the occasion of Nauryz Meiram

Dear compatriots!
I congratulate you on the spring holiday of Nauryz Meiram from the bottom of my heart !
Nauryz personifies the awakening of nature, the revival of vitality, spiritual upsurge.
The deep philosophical content of this holiday symbolizes renewal, prosperity, harmony in a person’s relationship with his native land, harmony and mutual understanding in society.
Our people greet this bright holiday with pure thoughts and hopes.
In the days of Nauryz, the connection between generations is especially pronounced, because the traditions of good neighborliness, hospitality, respect for the elders and good relations with the younger millennia have been preserved in every family.
Nauryz meirams are the property of all Kazakhstanis, regardless of their ethnic origin and religion. We are all united by common aspirations and the energy of creation. Each of us is ready to share the most valuable, share the joy and help relatives, friends and neighbors in difficult times.
Unfortunately, this year the Nauryz holiday takes place in an unusual setting. The threatening spread of coronavirus, which has become a pandemic, has seriously damaged the global economy and negatively impacted our country. The whole world is faced with an unprecedented test in its consequences .

From March 16, 2020, my Decree introduced a state of emergency on the territory of Kazakhstan. A State Commission has been created, which, on my instructions, takes concrete measures to protect the health of our citizens and stabilize the economic situation.
I have no doubt that together we will worthily cope with these colossal difficulties and show unity and unity of our people.
I wish all compatriots good health and great success!
May the bright Nauryz holiday bring prosperity and prosperity to every home!

March 16, 2020

Television appeal by Head of State Kassym-Zhomart Tokaev

Dear Kazakhstan citizens!

As you know, the Ministry of Health officially announced that today, nine Kazakhstanis have been diagnosed with signs of coronavirus. There is a danger of spread.

The virus is imported from outside. Infected citizens are monitored by doctors.

The people they contacted are identified and are also under medical supervision.

Kazakhstan before many countries created a special expert headquarters and an interagency commission at the Government level, adopted a plan to counter the spread of the virus.

The coronavirus pandemic announced by the World Health Organization is rampant.

Therefore, in accordance with Kazakhstani legislation, I signed a decree on the introduction of a state of emergency on the territory of our country.

The state of emergency applies from 8 a.m. on March 16, 2020 and will last 30 days. If necessary, the regime may be extended.

The decree provides for the necessary preventive and preventive actions.

Strengthening public order protection.

A ban on mass events has been introduced.

Many Kazakhstanis made plans for the upcoming holidays, some wanted to attend concerts, some sports competitions.

Unfortunately, for the sake of our universal health, this will have to be abstained.

At the same time, there is a restriction on the functioning of large trade objects, but grocery and other stores selling essential goods, including those located inside shopping and entertainment centers, will certainly continue to work.

The mode of functioning of the markets will be determined by the state commission on the basis of proposals from local executive bodies.

Entertainment centers, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions and other objects with a crowded place are temporarily closed.

Schoolchildren are sent for early vacations, university and college students are transferred to online education. This will make adjustments to the educational process, but children’s health is our priority.

Citizens should refuse to hold mass meetings related to family and memorial events.

Restrictions on entry and exit from the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan are introduced. Please take this with understanding.

But the above measures do not apply to freight transport.

At checkpoints on the state border, at stations and at airports, the sanitary-epidemiological regime has been strengthened.

At my request, funds were allocated from the Government reserve for the purchase of medicines, test systems, and laboratory equipment. In the country’s hospitals there is an adequate bed capacity.

I want to emphasize that state bodies have developed plans for the organization of sanitary-prophylactic and anti-epidemic measures.

I urge the citizens of Kazakhstan to provide the necessary assistance to the authorized services.

We all need to show responsibility and discipline in this situation.

At the first sign of malaise, you must immediately contact the medical services in your area of ​​residence.

Evasion of a medical examination and violation of the quarantine regime will be punished.

At the same time, you need to remember the simple ways to take care of yourself and your loved ones: regularly wash your hands, observe sanitary hygiene, try to avoid crowded places.

These days, a lot of the burden falls on health workers.

Much depends on their professionalism and human participation. This difficult stage in the life of the country, our doctors must go with honor and do everything necessary to maintain the health of Kazakhstan.

Dear compatriots!

We have witnessed the extremely negative impact of coronavirus on the global economy.

In fact, we are talking about reformatting the entire world economic system.

Kazakhstan is feeling the consequences of this colossal crisis.

But, despite the economic cataclysms, we will take all necessary measures to prevent the growth of social tension and unemployment.

Thanks to the farsighted policies of Elbasy Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, the international reserves of our country have reached about $ 90 billion.

This is a serious guarantee of maintaining the stability of our economy and fulfilling the social obligations of the state.

We will reorient budget expenditures to those areas that will give the maximum effect for employment and business.

At least 300 billion tenge will be allocated to support domestic entrepreneurs and create new jobs.

We must not allow a decrease in the level of lending to business. To fill the domestic market and stimulate production, funding for the Economics of Simple Things program will be increased.

In the wake of hype, speculative overpricing is unacceptable.

On my instructions, the Government and akims of all levels will take this issue under tight control.

I also signed the Decree “On measures to ensure the stability of the functioning of the state.”

13 March 2020

Measures to counteract the spread of coronavirus are aimed at protecting the health of citizens.

“Measures to counter the spread of coronavirus aimed at protecting the health of citizens are justified and timely,” said President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev at a meeting of the Rapid Response Headquarters.

On March 13, under the chairmanship of Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, a meeting of the Headquarters of the Rapid Response was held, in which the heads of the Government and a number of state bodies took part.

Prime Minister Askar Mamin reported on the Government’s efforts to reduce the impact of negative external factors on the country’s economy.

According to President Tokayev, the measures taken to counter the spread of COVID-19, aimed at protecting the health of our citizens, are justified and timely. The President considers it necessary to take additional measures to ensure the medical safety of employees of enterprises and pre-school institutions.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev instructed to work with employers to provide paid time off for one of the parents who are forced to stay at home with their children. The Government will have to take measures to support enterprises through fiscal mechanisms.

The Head of State demanded to promptly resolve the issue of supplying medicines to medical institutions and citizens, and check the readiness of medical facilities.

The ban on the departure of civil servants and other officials on foreign business trips is introduced with the exception of trips aimed at ensuring the security of the country and citizens.

The President instructed to revise the outlook of social and economic development of the country and budget expenditures in a short time.

As far as President Tokayev is concerned, it is necessary to reorient budget expenditure items to maintain employment, support small and medium-sized businesses.

The Government has been instructed to switch to a system of direct and transparent procurement of goods, works and services without intermediaries, primarily from domestic producers.

The Government jointly with major domestic enterprises shall develop targeted anti-crisis plans to maintain and expand production and preserve jobs.

The Head of State instructed to allocate at least 300 billion tenge for the implementation of the employment Roadmap, which is aimed at the repair of infrastructure and social facilities, local roads using local goods and labor.

The Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market together with the National Bank instructed to take measures to prevent a decrease in lending to Kazakh businesses.

Regional akims should actively work to control prices for food and services.

The President also called on government agencies to pay special attention to awareness-raising, including in social networks in order to prevent panic and rumors that generate a high demand for certain products.

As President Tokayev stressed, commodity stocks fully cover the needs of Kazakhstan’s population for all consumer products, and there is no threat of a shortage.

February 26, 2020

Kaksym-Zhomart Tokayev met with the Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aymagambetov

During the meeting, the President  was reported on the situation in the field of education and science by the head of the relevant department

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev drew attention to the need to further improving the quality of higher education and reducing the gap in the quality of education in urban and rural schools. The President also noted the importance of taking measures to increasing the coverage of children with additional education, as well as conducting active educational work in school.

President Tokayev stressed that it is necessary to solve the problems of emergency and three-shift schools together with the regional governors, and to carry out a timely overhaul of educational institutions.

In addition, the President instructed to take measures to modernize the system of financing and management of the scientific sphere, increase funding for science, and improve the efficiency of training scientific personnel.