Almaty developers are ready to participate in the construction of social facilities

02/26/2020 Akim Almaty B. Sagintayev met with the leaders of construction companies to discuss problematic issues related to the development of the city.

The level of housing construction in the metropolis remains high. If last year about 2.1 million square meters were commissioned. m of housing, then in the current plan to build about 2.2 million, or 19.5 thousand apartments, including commercial construction – 1553 thousand square meters. m, or 16,029 apartments, individual residential buildings – 593 thousand square meters. m, or 2374 at home. At the expense of the state budget it is planned to erect 64.5 thousand square meters. m or 1130 apartments.

As the mayor of the city B. Sagintayev noted, each new home is a burden on the life support system. For example, in the Nauryzba district alone, about 500 thousand square meters will be commissioned this year. m of housing. The load on the road transport infrastructure will increase. In this regard, according to the akim, it is important not to slow down the punching work of Abay Ave.

At the same time, in order to maintain the affordable cost of apartments, the issue of summing up utilities at the expense of the city during the construction of economy class houses will be considered.

One of the most important issues is also the increasing load on social facilities due to the growth in the number of citizens. Developers expressed their willingness to participate in solving this problem. To this end, mechanisms for the construction of social facilities during complex development will be determined in order to take into account the load on schools, kindergartens, and clinics in advance.

Due to the shortage of free space, the program “Shabby Housing” will be updated together with market participants. To date, about 1,440 houses belong to this category.

To maintain the affordable cost of square meters, the developers expressed their willingness to increase the volume of purchased building and finishing materials from domestic manufacturers. We are talking about sanitary ware, tiles, cable, plumbing and other products. The main condition is compliance with international quality standards. In this regard, on behalf of the mayor of the city B. Sagintayev, work will be intensified on the implementation of projects under the program “Economics of simple things” in the Industrial Zone of Almaty.

During the meeting, developers were once again reminded of the invariability of the akimat’s position on the prohibition of construction in the historical center of the city and point building in areas located in courtyards.

“The city is growing, construction will remain the leading driver of the economy of the metropolis. It is important to comply with the interests of all parties – the akimat, developers and residents. This can be achieved with an open dialogue. We will conduct it on an ongoing basis, ”akim of Almaty Bakytzhan Sagintayev emphasized, summing up the meeting.