A new board of directors was elected at “CAEPCO” JSC

A new board of directors was elected at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Central Asian Electric Power Corporation JSC, held on March 10, 2020, , which was increased to 9 members.

The list of new board of directors of the company includes Nayzabekov Timur Kurmangazievich.

Professional sphere of interests and specialization of T.K. Naizabekov consists in investment structuring of bank transactions, conducting mergers and acquisitions, private equity funds, asset and wealth management.

The new board of directors includes nine members: representatives of interests of “CAEPCO” JSC Alexander Klebanov, Sergey Kan, Andrey Karyagin and Vyacheslav Ten, representative of interests of Baiterek Venture Fund JSC Gendar Kutbay, independent directors Timur Naizabekov, Kaiser Franz Josef, Kerr Manfred-Joseph and Eldar Tabanov.

“Central Asian Electric Power Corporation” is a vertically integrated energy company. Subsidiaries of CAEPCO JSC in the regions of Kazakhstan are represented as follows:

SEVKAZENERGO JSC, PAVLODARENERGO JSC, Astanaenergosbyt LLP, Nur-Sultan, Akmola Electricity Distribution Grid Company JSC, Akmola Region.

The new board of directors of CAEPCO JSC will continue to determine strategic objectives and support the necessary mechanisms for monitoring activities, including ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the enterprise operations.