The 20-th Anniversary of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

Participation in the Forum dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

Addressing the participants, Nursultan Nazarbayev noted the importance of the fact that the Forum is taking place in the Akmola region.

“Representatives of more than hundred ethnicities live here in peace and accord. 266 Councils of public consent operate here, the largest number among all regions of the country. This year, within the Year of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, nearly 500 events will be held in the Akmola region. The total number of members of the Assembly in the region amounts to five thousand people,” the President said.

In his speech, the Head of State mentioned the dynamics of social and economic development of the Akmola region.

“Within three years, the volume of agricultural products has doubled. The programme of industrial and innovative development is successfully underway. Last year, 10 new projects were launched with 17 billion tenge of disbursed investment. This year, another 25 projects will be put into operation as part of the Industrialisation Map programme, which will create 2,000 new jobs. Entrepreneurship is also developing, 53,000 small and medium-sized enterprises manufactured production with the total value of more than 250 billion tenge. The government supports the development of agricultural sector with the hope that these efforts will bear fruit. The coverage of children with preschool education makes up almost 90%. This year, 4 kindergartens and 7 schools will be built. 11 new facilities are to be built in the sphere of healthcare,” he said.

Kazakhstan’s President stressed that our country has all the necessary capabilities to counter manifestations of the crisis. In particular, Nursultan Nazarbayev reminded of the five national reforms aimed at the development of the country that were announced at the recent 16th Congress of the Nur Otan Party, involving establishing a professional state apparatus; solidifying the rule of law; achieving industrialisation and economic growth; unifying as a single nation for the future; and functioning as a transparent and accountable government.

The President stressed that the main task of the state is to ensure people have jobs, stable income, accommodation and confidence in the future.

“Those five reforms are the things that the country needs, the common people need. We will continue the industrialisation programme and improve our labour productivity. The state will help small and medium sized businesses and farmers. Today we carry out a strong social policy. We care about young people, senior citizens, as well as all those in need of the government support. We will continue to build schools and hospitals and other social facilities,” he said.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that to achieve these goals the country should remain committed to the ideas of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, along with stability, friendship, tolerance and prosperity.

Addressing the gathering, the Head of State stressed that Kazakhstan has created all conditions for providing high-quality education and comprehensive development of the country.

“You are provided with an opportunity to accumulate knowledge for the rest of your life. One cannot turn back the time, therefore it is important to manage your time well. I urge you to love our country and serve it selflessly. You can do this through good study that will allow you to become a professional, earn respect and support your family,” the President said.

Representatives of ethnic and cultural centres spoke during the Forum, stressing the importance of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan as a unique social institution that brought together representatives of all the ethnic groups residing in Kazakhstan.

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