“The vast territory and geographical location should be turned into competitive strength”, – N. Nazarbayev.

On October 4, 2016 Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived to Astana, Kazakhstan to participate in the XIII Forum of Interregional Cooperation of Russia and Kazakhstan


In the course of the meeting the two leaders  discussed broad-ranging issues, including the key  areas of bilateral cooperation.

The President of Kazakhstan made the point that the  successful carrying out of the recent elections in  Russia is caused by the effective ongoing work in the  country.

– The governments of our countries have worked well as part of implementing the agreements reached at the previous forum in Sochi. Today 900 business professionals from both countries will meet at the Forum. The heads of neighboring regions of Kazakhstan and Russia are also negotiating; based on the results of some of them certain agreements have already been reached. All that speaks for the high level of bilateral relations, he said.

In his turn Putin expressed his gratitude for a hearty reception and noted that the Kazakh-Russian relations are of strategic partnership and alliance nature.

Participation in the plenary session of XIII Forum of Interregional Cooperation of Russia and Kazakhstan

– We have pressing matters of logistics and transport on the agenda today. Special things about Kazakhstan and Russia are their vast territory and geographical location, which should be turned into competitive strengths. In particular, our countries have a great potential in the area of ​​transit transport. I would like to emphasize that we are strategic partners in this regard, not competitors. It is therefore necessary to jointly develop logistics and transport system. Transport sector should be one of the growth drivers of our economies, the President of Kazakhstan said.


Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that currently the Eurasian Economic Union is the crucial element in the Great Silk Road’s revival.

– The recent G20 Summit has referred to the need of coordinating economic policies. It is symbolic that during this event the Plan of linking our ‘Nurly Zhol’ infrastructure program with the ‘Economic Times of the Silk Road’ Chinese initiative has been approved. It would be correct that Kazakhstan and Russia toe the line, and execute projects in collaboration, he said.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted the need for expanding the activities of joint transport and logistics companies, as well as touched upon the aspects of the Eurasian Development Bank.

In conclusion, the Head of State reminded of the planned signing of a memorandum with a number of Russian regions within the context of getting prepared for EXPO-2017 international exhibition.

In his opening speech, Putin noted that Russia puts a priority on the development of multifaceted trade and investment relations with Kazakhstan.

In conclusion, the President of Russia assured Nursultan Nazarbayev that the Russian side would be the active participant of EXPO-2017 international exhibition and is ready to become a co-organizer of more than 100 events of its program.

At the end of the event the following documents were inked:

– Joint Action Plan of Kazakhstan and Russia for 2016-2018;

– Agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and the Government of Russia on preserving the ecosystem of the Zhaiyk transboundary river basin (Urals);

– Protocol amending the Agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and the Government of Russia on the peculiarities of the legal regulation of enterprises, institutions and organizations of railway transport as of 18 October 1996;

– Memorandum of understanding and expansion of strategic cooperation in the field of nuclear fuel cycle between the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, ‘NAC ‘Kazatomprom’ JSC and ‘Rosatom’ State Corporation.

The event dedicated to the logistics and transport potential development of the Eurasian space was attended by representatives of state bodies and business communities of the two countries.

Addressing those present, the Head of State stressed that the annual meeting in such a format has a key role in the progress of bilateral relations.

Participation in the Kazakh-Russian business forum


In his speech, the President of Kazakhstan noted that the Russian Federation is a strategic partner and a key trade and economic partner of our country.

– We are putting to effect mutually beneficial business cooperation on a wide range of areas, and the Regional Forum contributes to that. Mutual trade volume in the first half of the current year amounts to nearly $ 6 billion. In a similar vein, there is a decrease of that index by 30% in comparison with the pre-crisis period. That dynamics is largely associated with a number of global external circumstances, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

In that regard, the Head of State stressed the need to give new impetus to the development of bilateral economic cooperation.

– There are more than 6 thousand joint ventures with Russian companies. A large number of bilateral investment projects are being implemented, in the petrochemical, mining and metal sector in particular. At the moment we have more than 60 projects worth $ 20 billion, the advancement of which will be supported, the President of Kazakhstan said.

Along with that, the President reminded of the forthcoming opening of ‘Astana’ international financial center and holding of ‘EXPO-2017: Future Energy’ international trade show.

During the Forum, which has been attended by more than 1,300 representatives of government agencies, quasi-public sector and business communities of Kazakhstan and Russia, the ways of bilateral cooperation widening in investment, trade and economic sphere were discussed.

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