December 15, 2017
Participation in the ceremony of presenting state awards and prizes

Addressing the ceremony participants, the Head of State congratulated everyone on the main holiday of the country – Independence Day and noted a number of achievements over the years of sovereign development.
– After gaining state sovereignty, we consistently created a strong and prosperous Kazakhstan. Over the years, our country has achieved many significant successes and victories. As part of a large-scale modernization, we have ensured high social guarantees and the growth of the well-being of our citizens. We worthily conducted large-scale global events, strengthening Kazakhstan’s international authority, “Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The President of Kazakhstan stressed the role and efforts of every Kazakhstani in the country’s achievements and the implementation of institutional reforms.

– Today we celebrate with awards and prizes the merits of those of our fellow citizens who contributed to the development of our Motherland. This year, the title of “Қазақстанның Еңбек Ері” was awarded to Ahmetzhan Yesimov. Being one of my associates, he made a significant contribution to the formation of independent Kazakhstan, – said the Head of State.

In addition, the President of Kazakhstan noted the merits of the engineer Kuatova Ruslan, who was also awarded the title of “Kazakhstani Yenbek Yeri”.

“Being a highly qualified engineer, she made a significant contribution to the effective technological support of oil production. Contributed to the development of international partnership in the oil and gas industry of the country. Thanks to the work of such professionals, industrial power grows and the state’s energy sovereignty grows stronger, “Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

Also, the Head of State awarded the title of “Kazakhstani Yenbek Yeri” to the famous sportsman, Olympic champion Ushkempirov Zhaksylyk.

– Today Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov is engaged in the development of agriculture and makes a great contribution to the development of his own village. At his own expense, he built a sports complex, kindergartens, homes for young families and thereby earned respect and gratitude from his fellow villagers, “said the President of Kazakhstan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted the achievements in the development of agriculture Tuleuova Amangos, awarded the Order of Otan and the merit of the writer Sarai Anes, awarded the Order of Barys III degree.

– We award the Order of “Yekbek Dăңқy” III degree to Igor Anatolyevich Kitaev. The title of “Kazakhistani enbek siirigen kayratkeri” is presented to the author of our state emblem Zhandarbek Malibekov, “the Head of State said.

The President of Kazakhstan also noted the feat of Bazarbayev Ruslan, who risked his own life, during a fire, saved three people, including a child.

– Today we honor Kazakhstan people – true professionals of their work, true patriots of our Motherland. State awards are given to culture and art, education and health professionals, representatives of business and production, servicemen and law enforcement officers, veterans of war and labor, athletes and civil servants. With your devoted attitude to business, diligence, valor and courage, you deserve the deep respect of your colleagues and high prestige in the society, “said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In addition, the Head of State drew attention to the development of the country’s intellectual and innovative potential and noted the role of Russian scientists in this matter.

– As a result of scientific research, advanced developments are being created, which form a fundamentally new model for the economic and social development of Kazakhstan. This year, state awards in the field of science and technology were awarded to two author’s studies and two research teams, “said the President of Kazakhstan.

In the course of the ceremony for the outstanding achievements in the economic, social and humanitarian development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the title “Kazakhstani Yenbek Yeri” was conferred upon A. Esimov, the chairman of the Board of JSC “National Company” Astana Expo-2017 “, R. Kuatova, manager of” Tengizchevroil “LLP of Atyrau region the head of the “Zhasylyly” farm of the Almaty region Zh. Ushkempyrov.

Order of “Otan” was awarded to akim of East Kazakhstan region D.Akhmetov, Akim of Aktobe oblast B.Saparbayev and director of LLP “Stepnoe” of Aktyubinsk region A.Tuleuov, “Barys” order III degree was awarded to Deputy General Director for Relations with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan JSC ” Caspian Pipeline Consortium-K “K. Kabyldin, Assistant to the President of Kazakhstan N.Onzhanov and writer A.Saray.

The Minister of Information and Communications D. Abayev, the former Prosecutor General, the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zh. Asanov, the Minister of Justice M. Beketayev, the Minister for Investments and Development J. Kasymbek, the actress of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater M.Auezov “M.Utekeshev.

The Order of “Krmet” honor famous scientists, cultural figures, representatives of the industrial and social spheres, among them the teacher of KSU “Kasteka secondary school with pre-school minicenter” B. Berdikenova, the boxer I.Kanat

11 December 2017

Participation in the Senate’s session
Kazakhstan’s Senate of the Parliament
 Speaking before the Senate deputies, the Head of State dwelled on the process of modernizing the procedural bases of law enforcement activities of the country and noted the need for personnel reshuffles in this system.

– Igor Rogov has reached the retirement age. In accordance with the law, he has been dismissed from his post. I would like to thank him for his fruitful and good work. Kairat Mami has been appointed as the Chairman of the Constitutional Council, the President of Kazakhstan said.

In this connection, Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed the dismissal of the Chairman of the Supreme Court Kairat Mami and presented the candidacy of Zhakip Assanov for this post.

– This choice is not accidental. We are entering the next stage of modernizing the judicial and law enforcement system, connected with the new law adoption. Therefore, the new head of the judiciary will have to ensure its effective and rapid implementation. As a result, Kazakhstan’s justice should become more progressive and fair. I believe that the candidature of Zhakip Assanov fully meets the highest requirements, the Head of State said.

The President of Kazakhstan has brought into focus the personal qualities and professional skills of the proposed candidate for the post of the Chairman of the Supreme Court, and expressed his gratitude to Kairat Mami for his contribution to the national judicial system development.

In addition, Nursultan Nazarbayev nominated Kairat Kozhamzharov for the post of Prosecutor General for the Senate’s approval.

– He has worked in the Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption for many years. He has managerial background and experience in prosecution agencies. In connection with his transition to the post of Prosecutor General, Alik Shpekbayev has been appointed as Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption Affairs, the Head of State said.

The Senate deputies via open balloting took appropriate decisions on the release of K. Miami from the post of the Chairman of the Supreme Court and the appointment of Zh. Assanov for this post, and agreed the candidacy of K. Kozhamzharov for the post of Prosecutor General.

In conclusion, the President of Kazakhstan once again focused on actualizing qualitative and timely reforms in the national judicial and law enforcement system.