13 February 2017

Congratulation telegram to Frank-Walter Steinmeier in relation to his election as the President of Germany


The President congratulated the elect President of Germany, wishing him good health and success, and peace and prosperity to the friendly people of Germany.

“I have faith in your rich political experience and diplomatic skills to serve for the benefit of the country’s future.

We appreciate your contribution to strengthening of friendly and confidential relations between Kazakhstan and Germany, and шт the current year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary since their establishment. I recall with warmth our informative meetings in Astana and Berlin.

Kazakhstan welcomes Germany’s participation in “EXPO-2017” international exhibition held this year in Astana. In this regard, I invite you to visit Kazakhstan on an official visit, and be the guest of honor EXPO-2017,” the telegram says.

Meeting with Zhanseit Tuimebaev, the akim of South Kazakhstan


During the meeting Zh.Tuimebaev reported to the President of Kazakhstan on the region’s strategy in the current year, as well as the region’s socio-economic development plan until 2021.

The President of Kazakhstan pointed to the low level of tax collection figures, noting that the region is the most subsidized in the country.

The Head of State also drew attention to the issues of unemployment in the context of labor market regulation.

– There are a high percentage of citizens who are self-employed. Unemployment and migration to South Kazakhstan always remain relevant. It is necessary to continue developing small and medium business to solve the problems, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

In addition, the President of Kazakhstan has noted that in the near future Shymkent will be another city in the country, where the number of residents shall rise beyond 1 million.

The region’s akim informed Nursultan Nazarbayev of the full support of the region’s residents for goals and tasks set by the President in his Address “Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness.”

In conclusion, the Head of State has given a number of specific instructions focused on accomplishing the objectives of the industrial development, agriculture and livestock sector, and the region’s capital-raising potential.

14 February 2017

Telephone conversation with President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow


During the conversation the President of Kazakhstan congratulated the interlocutor on his victory in the presidential election and wished him success and new achievements during his state activity.

The leaders noted the historical closeness of the two nations, as well as the traditional friendly relations between the countries.

At the same time the importance of further strengthening ties in the political, economic and cultural-humanitarian spheres has been stressed.

Nursultan Nazarbayev invited Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow to visit Kazakhstan. The invitation was graciously accepted by the President of Turkmenistan.

14 February 2017

Meeting with representatives of the public, intellectuals and politicians


The meeting was attended by M.Zholdasbekov, K.Sagadiev, R.Cherdabaev, O.Abdykarimov, B. Izmukhambetov and M.Kasymbekov.

The meeting discussed a wide range of current economic, social and public issues relevant to the population surrounding the constitutional reforms, renewal of agriculture and animal husbandry, health care, science and education, small and medium businesses, as well as the ongoing privatization.

The Head of State, noting the difficult path traversed by Kazakhstan for 25 years of independence, outlined his vision of the main ways of the country’s further development.

– Kazakhstan has become recognizable, and the economy has a positive dynamics. Now it is critical to take advantage of the achievements for the purpose of goals and targets set out in Address “Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness,” the President of Kazakhstan said.

Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized the current challenges facing the people of Kazakhstan.

– There are fundamentally new challenges before our society, which has chosen market relations, and the country’s further development depends on the effectiveness of solutions. Innovations are the main issue on the agenda in the era of global economy. Industrial revolution must not come by. We need to be able to apply innovative technologies to our economy, he said.

The President of Kazakhstan emphasized that the goal’s realization requires adequate funding.

– If we do not allocate funds for the innovative technology development, we risk to remain on the margins of the new economic world order. It is necessary to increase productivity through introduction of innovations for mass production growth. In turn, that is only possible in the case of creating and supporting appropriate research institutions, which will be established at enterprises, as well as the country’s leading educational institutions. In particular, such research institutes can be created at “Alatau” Innovation Park and Nazarbayev University, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

For their part, those present expressed their full support to the Head of State’s initiated reforms aimed at redistribution of powers between branches of government. In particular, timeliness and progressive approach was made emphasis on, aimed primarily at increasing the powers of the Parliament and the Government, strengthening of independence and responsibility.

At the same time, the meeting participants focused on the topical issues of public control over funds spending at the national and local levels, actualization of sectoral programs, land reform, anti-corruption awareness formation and effective implementation of the policy of “zero tolerance” to corruption, as well as the progressive fulfillment of tasks formulated by the Nation’s Plan for five institutional reforms’ implementation.

15 February 2017

Meeting with Berdybek Saparbayev, Akim of Aktobe region


During the meeting the Head of State was informed about the socio-economic development of Aktobe region in 2016.

The President of Kazakhstan emphasized that Aktobe region is a promising industrial area and at the same time there is an annual reduction of the region’s economic contribution to the country’s GDP.

– The trend started in 2012. We need to find the cause and take corrective actions. If you mean to increase the export of agricultural products, development of the processing industry facilities is noteworthy, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The Head of State placed greater focus on the SME development significance, bringing it to 50% in the region’s economy.

Kazakhstan’s President also outlined the priorities of work in the regional social sector, including expansion in the number of kindergartens; repair of schools that are in emergency state, and the third shift elimination in some educational institutions.

Aktobe region akim reported on the work carried out to improve the economic situation in the region, including the industrial sector growth, investment in the agricultural sector and making provision for local employment.

– As a result, there has been growth of the main indicators of the regional socio-economic development. The most important thing is that we have prevented rise in unemployment. As a result of the timely state programs’ implementation 16 thousand new jobs were created last year, Berdybek Saparbayev said.

Following the meeting the Head of State has given a number of specific instructions.