May 9, 2018
Participation in the ceremony of laying flowers at the Memorial of Glory
Almaty, Park of the 28 Panfilov guardsmen

The head of state, accompanied by a guard of honor, laid flowers to the Eternal Fire near the Memorial of Glory and honored the memory of the heroes who died in the Great Patriotic War by a minute of silence.
In his congratulatory address to the veterans and guests of the ceremony, the President of Kazakhstan particularly noted the contribution of Kazakhstanis to the Victory over the fascist invaders.

– Kazakhstan sent to the front more than 1 million 800 thousand people, half of whom have not returned. They showed courage in the war. 500 of our compatriots received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Workers of the rear to provide the front with armament, food and ammunition worked day and night tirelessly, – said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The President of Kazakhstan stressed that the present generation can consider itself happy, because it has not seen the horrors of the war.

– Our grandfathers survived the revolution and repression, our fathers – the Great Patriotic War. Only our generation lives in peacetime, and this is the great merit of our veterans. Thank you very much! – said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

At the end of the ceremony, the Head of State held informal talks with veterans of the war and the workers of the rear.

– When you are around, we – your children and grandchildren – feel more relaxed. We are inspired by your heroism, learn perseverance from you, how to be patriots of the Motherland, to love the land of your fathers and fight to the last drop of blood and be ready to give your life for our Fatherland – for our beloved Kazakhstan. I congratulate you on the occasion, dear friends! I wish you good health, success and all the best, “concluded the President of Kazakhstan.

In turn, the front-line soldiers cordially thanked Nursultan Nazarbayev for the attention and care shown.

May 7, 2018
Participation in the military parade dedicated to the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland
Zhambyl region, Guards village

Upon the arrival of the Head of State to the 40th military base Otar, the Commander of the Parade, the Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Major-General Murat Bektanov reported on the readiness for the military parade and the delivery of combat banners to the units of territorial troops.
Addressing veterans, soldiers and officers, Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that the armed forces are the main guarantor of security, an unshakable stronghold of the sovereignty and peaceful rest of our Motherland.

– Kazakhstani servicemen are worthy successors to the traditions of military prowess and glory of our fathers and grandfathers who defeated fascism in the most brutal war of all epochs and times. We will always remember their selfless heroism and immortal feat in the name of life and prosperity on their native land, “said the President of Kazakhstan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev stated that our country pursues a consistent and peaceful policy. At the same time, the Kazakhstani army reliably stands guard over independence, successfully promotes collective security within the framework of the CSTO and performs worthy peacekeeping functions under the auspices of the UN.

Noting the great attention and maximum support that the government provides to strengthening the army’s potential, the President of Kazakhstan indicated that our country has a goal – to create by 2030 a modern, mobile and highly professional army.

– For this purpose, from 2020, the necessary funds will be allocated for defense needs. In order to respond effectively to new threats and security challenges, highly mobile Special Operations Forces and Territorial Forces have been created and integrated into the defense system. I am confident that new parts will be worthy to bear the military banners handed to them today, “the Head of State concluded.

After the ceremony of awarding the combat banners of the territorial defense brigades to the akims of the regions, Astana and Almaty cities, ceremonial calculations were carried out for servicemen of the Special Operations Forces, the State Guard Service, the National Guard, the special task force of the Navy, and territorial troops.

During the execution of tactical episodes on the destruction of the conventional base of illegal armed formations, the capabilities of the missile and artillery weapons were demonstrated: the Tochka-U tactical missile systems, Grad rocket launcher and Prima rocket launchers, MTA-B and D-30 howitzer , heavy flamethrower systems “Solntsepek”, anti-tank missile system “Shturm-S”, etc. Ground forces and troops of the Air Defense Forces fired real rocket launches, bombing, combat firing from all types of weapons. Aircraft and helicopters of the front and army aviation of the Air Force conducted an air battle in the sky. The aerobatic team “Zhetysu Barysy” performed aerobatics figures.

About 3,000 servicemen took part in the military parade, 300 units of weapons and military equipment, 40 aircraft units were involved.

In conclusion, the Head of State inspected the latest samples of military equipment and weapons, and also thanked all the participants in the combat parade for the demonstrated skill in conducting the battle in the field, accuracy in shooting and combat training.

– The battle parade has become a real demonstration of the level of your military skill and coherence in the field. I am confident that holding the parade will serve to further increase the professionalism and combat readiness of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. I congratulate you all on the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland and the Coming Victory Day! – said Nursultan Nazarbayev.