“Mangilik El”: ” One country and a one fortune! The 22-d Assembly session

22 сессия АНК -4 23.04.2015

 ” Mangilik El: one country-one fortune” Kazakhstan people Assembly session under the Assembly Chairman, Head of the State, Nursultan Nazarbayev was held  in Palace of piece and concord , in Astana on  May, 4-th, 2015.
  More than 1500 participants took part in the session. Among them assembly members an veterans from all the regions of Kazakhstan, Republic and regional ethnic  culture alliance  representatives,  Deputies of the parliament, heads of the central executive  bodies, political parties and religion associations, non-government organizations, foreign diplomatic missions,  heads of the higher educational institutions, representatives of culture and  science and Mass- media.

President Nursultan Nazarbayev  greeted Assembly participants  with the 22-d assembly anniversary and underlined that the organizations was opened in difficult times for the country.

– “We took our fortune in our own hands. And we built  a country respected  in all over the world.  We made it for wealthy being and happiness of nowadays and future  generations”, Kazakhstan President said.

President paid attention to the fact that all the initiatives, including @Strategy 2050″, “Nurly Zhol” new industrial programs, five people reforms, “Mangilik El” are planned for future years  and only all national mechanism can put it into action.

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– We formulate a unique and never ever been model of people’s union.

We united first by  our love to our general home, that is Kazakhstan.

Secondly:   society concord to  our land ancient history and language development: Third: a deep belief  in the great future of our country and its citizens.   And it is homeland basis of our Eternal Homeland- “Mangilik El”

In connection with it Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that one of the global tasks of the Assembly today is an active participation in the realization of the Five reforms, and the formation of the unique nation of the future.

Laura Anuar

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