Kazakhstan wonderland for future generations!

Eighteen years ago one can hardly imagine that in salty land steppe, with severe continental climate, without water and atmospheric precipitation on the territory of about 70 hectare, on the both sides of Astana -Burabay, Makinsk- Shuchinsk autoban and around a new Capital has grown a green belt of Astana.

10.06.15.jpg зеленого пояса1,

    Taking into account the severe climate, unfavorable conditions  for life and work with snowy strong winter winds and  sandy  summer. In order to make the climate milder, President took a right decision to plant a green plant belt in Astana urban and along the main transport ways.   In order to realize this project it was decided to plant 5 thousand hectare of plants every year!

The project was started in 1997  and the result is evident.  It is planning to take  100 thousand hectare land under green plant belt to 2020 year.k was started in 1997 and today there are 70 thousand hectare plants make  an Astana green belt.

Laura Anuar.


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