“For years of Independence the state could provide a stable economic growth and high social standards”, – N. Nazarbayev.

On September 23-30, 2016 the President of Kazakhstan has visited Akmola, Kokchetay, Kostanay, Pavlodar regions  and the  enterprises of small and media business and limited liability companises such as  “Kazakhstan Agro Innovative Corporation” where he has examined  a process of assembly and samples of the made equipment.

and has met with the representatives of the public of the regions.

Within the working visit the Head of state has visited a number of social, agricultural and production objects of regions.
Veterans, heads of the agricultural enterprises, public authorities, NGO, the youth organizations, and also representatives business of community have participated in a meeting.
Addressing attendees, the President of Kazakhstan has emphasized that for years of Independence the state could provide the stable economic growth and high social standards.
– Today the volume of investment into Kazakhstan is made by more than 250 billion US dollars. Since 1995 the income of Kazakhstan citizens has grown almost by 40 times. Increase in welfare of the population promoted increase in life expectancy from 67 to 72 years. Growth of birth rate has made 60%. At the same time the size of children’s grants has increased more than by 7 times, – Nursultan Nazarbayev has told.
The president of Kazakhstan has noted that one of the main sources of economic diversification of area is the agrarian sector.

– Only within the Food belt of the capital more than 100 projects are attracted investments almost for 85 billion tenges to realization. For the last 15 years more than 10 thousand new tractors, combine harvesters and sowing complexes are acquired, – Nursultan Nazarbayev has told.
Besides, the Head of state has emphasized need of development of tourist branch of the region.
– Annually the area is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists, including thanks to the state support of the Shchuchinsko-Borovsky resort area. Next summer in Astana there will take place the important historical event – the international exhibition “EXPO-2017”, part in which will be taken by representatives more than 100 countries of the world. Many of them will visit not only Astana, but also tourist objects of the region, – the President of Kazakhstan has noted.
Within the meeting the akim of the Akmola region has reported on key social and economic indicators of the region, and also the prospects of his further development.
In conclusion Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated all participants on 25-year anniversary of Independence of the country, has wished new labor success, family wellbeing and prosperity.
In turn, residents of the area have warmly thanked the President of Kazakhstan for continuous care of their native land and the taken measures for development of economy and growth of welfare of the people.

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