Domestic pharmaceutical production as the main resource in meeting the demand for medicines

An emergency meeting on accelerating the production and supply of medicines was held online at SС-Pharmacy with the participation of domestic manufacturers and industry associations.
The greatest hopes for the urgent provision of medicines to hospitals are now pinned on the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, 43 items from the entire list of drugs used for the treatment of CVI, almost half are produced by domestic factories.
Now “SС-Pharmacia” in an accelerated mode purchases the most popular drugs to meet the increased current need for the formation of a stabilization fund in the amount of a two-month projected demand. And the emphasis is on domestically produced medicines.
Domestic manufacturers are ready to provide hospitals and provisional centers with medicines to the maximum in the face of a sharply increased demand. The factories have already switched to a three-shift operation. Opportunities for reformatting production for the most popular drugs are being reviewed.
To complete the picture on the possibilities of supplying the domestic market with capacities, SС-Pharmacia decided to develop a dossier for each manufacturer: current stock availability, current obligations, planned production volumes, as well as the need to reach maximum capacity.
For each dossier, measures are proposed to help expand capacity and accelerate deliveries. To solve such issues – urgently obtaining permits, attracting foreign experts, accelerating payment procedures, assistance in transportation up to self-pickup – all interested government agencies will be involved.
To solve issues online, an operational group was created, which included representatives of domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers, logisticians, and a single distributor. The monitoring of the supply and production capabilities of drugs in the “red zone” – drugs of urgent need has been switched to the manual mode.
Given the changing situation, it was decided to hold such operational meetings on a weekly basis.
The meeting was attended by representatives of domestic manufacturers SANTO, Nobel Almaty Pharmaceutical Factory, Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm, Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex, Eleas, KazDiaTest, and other large domestic pharmaceutical companies as well as PharmMedIndustry industry associations of Kazakhstan and the Association of Medical Manufacturers products.