Delegation of the State Center for Support of National Cinema visited “Kazakhfilm” studio

On July 24, 2020, within the framework of a working visit, a delegation of the State Center for Support of National Cinema, headed by Gulnara Sarsenova, the Chairman of the Board, visited the Kazakhfilm studio. Akan Satayev, President of Kazakhfilm, personally conducted an excursion around the territory of the film studio for the guests, within the framework of which he acquainted the representatives of the State Center for Specialized Education with the state of the shooting pavilions, equipment park, props, and costumes, as well as shared current problems and plans.

The head of the film studio noted that Kazakhstani film industry professionals (in-demand operators, sound engineers, artists, editing and computer graphics specialists and other personnel) will be involved as consultants for the upcoming global modernization, which will help to equip the studio with the necessary modern equipment. Akan Satayev plans to create a special atmosphere that will enhance Delegation visited “Kazakhfilm” film studio State Center for Support of National Cinema

Gulnara Sarsenova, the chairman of the board of the State Center for Education and Science, approved the initiatives of the new management of the film studio, wished them success in their work, and expressed their readiness to provide comprehensive support. “The development of the Kazakhstani film industry is our common cause. In addition, we must create a decent technical base for foreign filmmakers who are showing great interest in filming in Kazakhstan, ”she concluded.