Altay Kulginov at a reporting meeting with the population

Altay Kulginov at a reporting meeting with the population

In the current heating season, residents of  Zheleznodorozhny, Koktal-2, and a part of the Agrogorodok residential areas got the opportunity to switch to gas. The akim of the capital Altay Kulginov told about it at the reporting meeting with the population.

“Large-scale gasification works have been carried out – 300 km of gas distribution networks have been laid. Inhabitants of a number of residential areas already in the current heating season got the opportunity to switch to gas. In addition, at the moment, construction and installation work is also being carried out in ZhM Koktal-1, Promyshlenniy, Yugo-Vostok.

There are many advantages from switching from coal to gas: residents will not need to think about the purchase, storage, quality of coal, heat their house several times a day, the ecology of the city will improve, which will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on the citizens. Gasification will significantly reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Some of the water-heating boilers of CHPP-1 and CHPP-2 were also switched to gas, ”said Altay Kulginov, akim of the capital.

Considering the social importance of the project, the Akimat held negotiations with private organizations to reduce the cost of installation work. Thus, the cost of conducting gas directly inside the house is reduced by an average of 30% (the cost of gas equipment and accessories is not included). The counters themselves are issued by the state to citizens free of charge.

It should be reminded that the construction of gas distribution networks in residential areas, including intra-quarter networks along with houses, is carried out by the Nur-Sultan akimat, and private organizations are directly connected inside the house. Residents have the right to choose any specialized company.

To connect to gas, residents who have installed internal gas supply networks in these residential areas can contact Kaztransgaz Aimak JSC (Republic ave., 24, Parasat business center). This organization is engaged in checking the internal gas supply networks for safety and direct connection and is also responsible for further operation.

The gasification of the city is under the control of the country’s leadership.