A. Tsoy took part in the presentation ceremony of the“Heroes among us” encyclopedia of doctors 

Today, on February 25, a new project was presented to create a unique encyclopedia of doctors’ white book “Heroes among us!”, Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. The event was attended by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alexey Tsoy.

During his speech, the head of the Ministry of Health noted that this project is very important and is of great value for the entire medical community of the country. This is an opportunity for the entire Kazakh society to express honor to all professionals in their field.

“The encyclopedia of the selfless work of our strongest doctors who fought on the front line with an invisible enemy is just a small fraction of our gratitude and recognition that we can express on behalf of the people,” the minister said.

“In the face of the global threat that gripped the entire world of the pandemic, it was the selfless service of medical workers in their profession that allowed us to endure an extremely difficult period, to survive in the name of saving the lives of patients. Kazakhstani doctors have made a huge contribution to the fight against the pandemic and to this day they selflessly defend the health of our citizens. I am sure that their heroism will remain in the memory of many future generations. History will keep the pages of this book, which will become a reminder of the true values ​​that have united all our Kazakhstani people, ”A. Tsoy added.

He recalled that today the society faces an important task – to raise the status of doctors and restore the former prestige of the medical profession. The pandemic has become a great measure of attitudes towards doctors, forcing us to reconsider the role of the medical profession.

“We all remember the difficult conditions in which our infectious disease specialists and all other doctors worked. Despite the strong physical and mental stress, fatigue, long separation from families and loved ones, they withstood it, they adequately left the longest duty in their life, the most terrible and dangerous. All this deserves our deep recognition and endless gratitude, ”A. Tsoy added.

It should be noted that over the 30 years of Independence, Kazakhstani medicine has managed to take the path of dynamic development and raise a whole galaxy of the strongest professionals, under whose leadership thousands of valiant people in white coats work today and who are followed without a grain of doubt.

For the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a white book of doctors “Heroes among us!” Is being prepared for publication. The purpose of the publication is to express honor to medical workers, as well as to popularize the heroic work of doctors, who, under the motto “We are together!” the first to stand up during a pandemic to protect the health of citizens.