A single official information resource on routine childhood vaccination launched in Kazakhstan

A single official information resource on routine childhood vaccination launched in Kazakhstan

All information about vaccines at one site the EGU.kz website has been launched

NUR-SULTAN, September 8, 2021

– Today, for the first time in Kazakhstan, a single official resource has been launched, which contains all the necessary information about childhood vaccines according to the National Vaccination Calendar. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), together with the Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Control, the National Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NCPH MH RK), with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has developed a website that combines official information and the results of medical research on routine vaccination of children. For several months, a team of doctors and scientists from MedSupport, together with UNICEF, selected the necessary data, worked on the structure, interface and content of the EGU.kz website in order to make it as comfortable as possible for parents and everyone who is interested in the topic of immunization in Kazakhstan.

The information resource gives access to a detailed description of each vaccine included in the National Vaccination Schedule. Any visitor can get acquainted with the infections against which the vaccine protects, read about contraindications and possible side effects. With the launch of the site, every Kazakhstani parent will learn about how the myth about autism and the MMR vaccine appeared, why mercury is not present in childhood vaccinations, and whether it is possible to wet the injection site. He will see a complete list of vaccination myths and reliable information to debunk them. “Vaccination issues are often a source of concern to the general public and the media.

The main task of the EGU.kz website is to provide complete and reliable information about vaccines and the organization of vaccination work in the republic. This platform is aimed at an open and honest dialogue of the population with practicing specialists and scientists in the field of vaccination, from which everyone has the opportunity to receive professional and scientifically grounded answers to their questions, ”said Aizhan Serikbayevna Esmagambetova, Chairperson of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Committee of the Ministry health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The site is available in both Kazakh and Russian languages. There is also a version for visually impaired people. “Vaccination is the only, most effective and no alternative way for parents to protect their children from the serious consequences of infectious diseases. public health center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The official resource has such headings as the Vaccination Calendar, Vaccination Centers, Vaccines and Diseases, Myths, Questions and Answers. At EGU.kz, parents will find information about the types of vaccines, learn about all stages of checking their safety, and receive answers to their questions.The site also gives a brief insight into the history of vaccination and describes the first steps of mankind on the path to the victory of a number of vaccine-preventable infectious diseases. In the future, it will be supplemented with up-to-date statistics on routine childhood vaccination.

“The invention of vaccines is the greatest achievement in medicine. The most effective and sometimes the only way to protect yourself and your child from terrible diseases that cause irreversible harm to health and sometimes end in death. In the 21st century, some parents still have doubts about the effectiveness and necessity of vaccinating their children. To help make the right and informed choice, UNICEF, together with its partners, has developed a unique website that has not previously existed in Kazakhstan. A site where it is easy and simple to find all the information about vaccines included in the National Vaccination Schedule. I hope that this site will become a useful tool for parents in making the most important decision about vaccinating their child, ”said the UNICEF Representative in Kazakhstan, Arthur van Diesen.

The site has a convenient map that allows you to find the vaccination center closest to your place of residence. In order not to forget to deliver a routine vaccination for their child, parents can use the function of adding a reminder to their electronic calendar about the need to deliver the vaccine on time. “We are delighted to be part of this project.

The EGU.KZ website will become an indispensable assistant for parents for a safe and healthy childhood of Kazakhstani kids! ” – commented MedSupport Team. The site was developed within the framework of a joint program of UNICEF Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan to strengthen the immunization system. “Immunization not only saves lives, but also empowers children, women and families to thrive. The information provided on this important website will help people protect themselves from the threat of vaccine-preventable diseases. As a result, children can stay in school and parents can