A Design code of architectural buildings akimat of Almaty is planning

 A Design code of architectural buildings akimat of Almaty is planning.

January 13, 2020

The development of urban in the framework of the adopted law “On the special status of  Almaty” was discussed during the conference at the site of the regional communications service of Almaty. Almaskhan Akhmedzhanov, head of the department of urban planning and urban studies, spoke about the prospects for the development of urban development in the framework of the adopted law “On the special status of Almaty.”

In accordance with the amendments and additions to a number of laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the special status of Almaty”, “On local government and self-government”, “On architectural, urban planning and construction activities”, signed by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokaev on December 28, 2019, According to A. Akhmedzhanov, an amendment was made to approve urban planning regulations to approve the design code, the urban planning system, as well as its own architectural design system for the city territory of Almaty.

“These regulatory requirements will allow us to create appropriate standards for the preservation of the architectural environment of Almaty, establish rules for the inclusion of buildings in architectural monuments, as well as ensure their preservation taking into account the sanitary protection zone (the development of sites around the zones should correspond to their architectural style)” Almaskhan Akhmedzhanov, noting that the number of monuments from 130 increased to 300. This year, discussions will also be held with representatives of the public to inlist the architectural monuments.

The design code, in turn, systematizes the requirements for architectural solutions of building facades, advertising structures in the territory of Almaty, summer areas, objects of small architectural forms, as well as systematize and organize their placement. The law also included such requirements as the development of location schemes in the city, at which sites with the necessary engineering communications will be determined (previously, outlets were placed according to statements).

Regulations will be submitted for wide public discussion in a month.

Press Service of Almaty Akim