2 million doses of CVI vaccine will arrive in Kazakhstan in April

At the Government meeting, Minister of Health Alexei Tsoi spoke about the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the rate of vaccination of the population against coronavirus infection.

In Kazakhstan, as of April 6, 256,837 patients with a positive result of COVID-19 and 50,839 cases with CVI were registered.

According to the matrix for assessing the epidemiological situation, 7 regions are in the red zone: Nur-Sultan and Almaty, Atyrau, West Kazakhstan, Almaty, Akmola, and Aktobe regions. At the same time,  Almaty and Nur-Sultan are in the red zone for 28 days, West Kazakhstan region for 20 days, Atyrau region – for the last two weeks, Aktobe and Almaty – for the last week, Akmola – for 1 day. There are 2 regions in the yellow zone:  Shymkent and the Karaganda region. The remaining 8 regions are located in the green zone.

“In March compared to February, there is an increase in the incidence of 30%. So, up to 1800 cases were registered per day. For 5 days in April, 9,983 cases were registered, up to 2000 patients are registered per day. The increase in incidence is associated with the circulation of British and South African strains. In this regard, regional akims need to take immediate measures to provide infectious beds and mobile teams of primary health care, ”- A. Tsoi said.

Taking into account the epidemiological situation in April, there is an increase in the daily number of tests up to 57 thousand tests per day, which is 50% of the available daily laboratory capacity and in comparison with February, there is an increase of 1.6 times.

As of April 6 of this year, 275 infectious diseases hospitals with a bed capacity of 28,730 beds were involved in the republic to provide medical care to patients with CVI. The operation of infectious diseases hospitals is 36%, intensive care – 22%. The greatest workload of infectious beds is noted in the West Kazakhstan region, in Nur-Sultan, the Almaty region, inAlmaty.

The Ministry has developed an electronic system for monitoring the employment of the bed fund to the level of each medical organization in the region. This allows us to respond in a timely manner and deploy additional hospitals. In the regions, there is a plan for the deployment of infectious beds, when 70% of the workload of the existing infectious hospitals is reached, the reserve of infectious beds is increased from 51 thousand to 60 thousand, reserve facilities will be involved, while the provision of planned specialized medical care will continue.

The vaccination campaign against CVI has been going on since February 1 of this year. From April 1, the categories of persons subject to vaccination have been expanded. Schedules are drawn up by local executive bodies. To date, 194 706 citizens have been vaccinated with the first component, 72 110 citizens with the second component. The indicator per 1000 population in the republic was 10.3.

In pursuance of the instructions of the Head of State, 2 million doses of the vaccine are expected to be delivered in April, which will cover 23.4% of the contingent.

“Taking into account your instructions and the current epidemiological situation, in April the volume of vaccine supplies to Nur-Sultan increased by 284 thousand, Almaty – 464 thousand, Shymkent – 172 thousand, Almaty region – 232 thousand, Karaganda region – 217 thousand. Taking into account the ongoing negotiations with manufacturers in Kazakhstan in the first half of the year, it is planned to receive more than 6 million doses of vaccines, which will cover 64% of the subject contingent, ”the Minister said.

These volumes will make it possible to maximize the contingent to be vaccinated against CVI and the availability of persons wishing to be vaccinated free of charge.

To carry out vaccination in organized groups and places of mass gathering of people, mobile vaccination points will be used. In this regard, the akims of the regions, the cities of Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Shymkent need to ensure: the organization of temporary vaccination points / teams in crowded places to increase the coverage of the population with vaccination against CVI; a sufficient amount of refrigeration equipment for storing the vaccine and thermal containers for vaccinations by mobile vaccination teams.

In addition, A. Tsoi reported on measures to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State following the meeting on the epidemiological situation of coronavirus infection in the country on April 1, 2021.

Regarding the organization and conduct of vaccination against CVI and the purchase of the required number of syringes, taking into account the increase in the volume of vaccines. In February of this year, by the decision of the IAC, the Comprehensive Plan for Immunizing the Population against COVID-19 was approved. The production and delivery of the vaccine are carried out in compliance with all GMP and GDP standards, as well as the “cold chain”. More than 9 thousand medical workers have been trained on vaccination against CVI. More than 600 vaccination rooms, 800 units of freezing equipment and 3 thousand thermal containers have been prepared. By the end of March, the availability of vaccinations for 300 thousand citizens was ensured and 11.3 million syringes were purchased.