11% of all titanium in the world is produced by UKTMP

“Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium-Magnesium Plant” JSC is the flagship of non-ferrous metallurgy in Kazakhstan, stably providing the republic with a leading position in the global non-ferrous metals market, one of the largest integrated titanium producers in the world. 100% of titanium products are exported to highly developed countries. 11% of all titanium produced in the world is produced by UKTMP, the share of the company’s products in the aerospace industry is more than 18%.

Today, the company produces titanium sponge, titanium ingots, and alloys. Products are certified by leading manufacturers of the aerospace industry, such as SNECMA, TIMET, General Electric, RMI, Pratt & Whitney, UKAD, Airbus. Quality is repeatedly confirmed by certification in accordance with international standards ISO 9002, ISO 9001, AS 9100.
The main production workshops are the workshop for the production of titanium slag, sponge titanium, magnesium, titanium ingots, and alloys.
In 2010, UKTMK JSC completed construction and commissioned a workshop for the production of titanium ingots and alloys for the aerospace, oil and gas, and other industries. The volume of investments in new production amounted to about 90 million US dollars. The planned maximum output of titanium ingots and alloys is 11,000 tons per year.
For further processing of titanium ingots and alloys into bars and forgings, in 2008 the shareholders of UKTMP JSC and the French company  “Ober & Duval” established a UKAD joint venture to build a plant in France for production of titanium forgings, sheets, rods, and wire.
In September 2011, in Les Ansezis (province of Auvergne, France), the shareholders of UKTMP and Ober and Duval launched the UKAD joint venture plant. The total investment in the joint Kazakh-French project amounted to about 50 million euros. The planned maximum output of forged products is 10,000 tons per year.
With the commissioning of the production of titanium ingots, alloys, and the creation of the UKAD joint venture, all three links: UKTMC JSC, UKAD joint venture, and Ober and Duval became an industrial-linked integrated chain capable of competing with world leaders in the titanium industry.
In 2014, UKTMP JSC implemented a major project to create an innovative production facility for the production of titanium ingots and slabs using an electron beam furnace. To implement this project in August 2010, UKTMP JSC and POSCO, a South Korean company, created a joint venture POSUK Titanium LLP. The project cost is about 50 million US dollars. The project provides for further processing of Kazakhstani titanium slabs and ingots into hot-rolled and cold-rolled titanium sheets and pipes with their subsequent sale on the domestic market of South Korea. The project was commissioned in December 2014.

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