The first state art gallery “Almaty Gallery” opened in the very center of Almaty

The first state art gallery “Almaty Gallery” opened in the very center of Almaty
December 26, 2018

One of the first exhibitions of the state art gallery “Almaty Gallery” was the exhibition “Nomadic Heart” by Sanzhar and Zhanel Zhubanovs, echoing the recently published article by the Head of State “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe”.

The works present the ideas of a new format that goes beyond the generally accepted framework: picturesque portraits of the inhabitants of the “apple” city, engraved drawings on stone, the magic of star graphics, the world of nomadic poetry.

“In the history of our people there are many dynasties that have achieved great success in art and science, leaving behind a bright trace. Dynasties of Auezovs, Satpayevs, Serkebaevs, Tlendiyevs. One of such creative dynasties is the Zhubanov dynasty. I am very glad that it turned out to create such a cultural center where our artists, young talents will be able to share their creativity not only with the residents, but also the guests of our beautiful city. We will continue to create conditions for the development of art, support those who promote the identity, traditions and customs of our people, ”said Almaty akim Bauyrzhan Baybek.

According to the head of the new institution, Christina Bekmurzayeva, the first state art gallery in Almaty is a cultural platform that combined mobile and modern academic exhibition space with interactive content, including a separate area of ​​co-creation.

“Almaty is rightly called the center of the national school of painting of Kazakhstan, where the most interesting and bright edges of the modern artistic process are concentrated. “Almaty Gallery” is also the support of young talents, novice masters, the opportunity to express themselves. This is a creative tandem and continuity of generations, where the eminent master can share his art and transfer his work to the younger generation. All stands and expositions, all light lighting is very mobile, it allows you to maximize the possibilities of any artist. In addition, it is an open area where you can hold all sorts of meetings on interests, charity and other events in the modern space, ”she said.

It is worth noting that, within the framework of the “Rouhani zhangyru”, the restoration of historical monuments is also actively carried out in Almaty today. The city authorities are planning to reconstruct the mausoleum of Raiymbek Batyr, the construction of the Ethnoland, the museumification of the kurgan on Rozybakiyev street and the construction of an open-air museum in the center of the Boralday Saksky kurgans – the only surviving monument of the early Iron Age.

Earlier in Almaty, within the framework of the program “Rouhani zagyru”, the youth library named after Zhambyl was restored and modernized into a youth intellectual center.

After several months of overhaul, a modern “open space” appeared in the library with areas for working with books, electronic information, watching documentaries, scientific films, presentations, intellectual clubs, free Wi-fi and a coffee shop.