Akim of Almaty awarded the best teachers of the city

Akim of Almaty awarded the best teachers of the city
December 01, 2018
In Almaty over the years of independence, thanks to the support of the Head of State, 117 educational institutions were built. Only in the last five years, the financing of education in the city has increased by 37% or almost 27 billion tenge. Almaty Mayor Bauyrzhan Baybek told about this at a meeting with the pedagogical community of the city. At the same time, special attention is paid today to the development of educational infrastructure. This year alone, over 17 billion tenge has been allocated for the construction and overhaul.

During the solemn ceremony honoring the best teachers of the city, Bauyrzhan Baybek noted that within the framework of the President’s Address, the Ministry of Education and Science prepared draft laws “On the status of a teacher” and “On making amendments and additions to some legislative acts to reduce the burden on the student and teacher “.

Taking the opportunity, he called on all teachers of educational organizations and the city’s parents in the community to take an active part in the discussion of draft laws.

“It is especially important that in the Message, Kazakhstani teachers saw a high appreciation of their work, attention to solving the problems of all those involved in the education system, those who teach and learn. Noting today your worthy contribution to the development of the education system of the city, I want to thank for the hard and very responsible work. The quality of the work done is vividly confirmed by the numerous victories of your students and your personal professional achievements, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the year the salary of almost 70% of Almaty teachers who switched to the updated content of education has increased by 30%. In turn, from September 1, for the first time, 1,293 teachers who have passed the national qualification testing receive a surcharge of 30% to 50% for official salary.

In addition, the state provides support to teachers who teach in English. For the second year, teachers in schools teaching physics, chemistry, biology and computer science in English have been paid a surcharge of 200% of the salary.