Ethno-folklore musical “Kyz Zhibek”

Ethno-folklore musical “Kyz Zhibek”

December 16-17, 2017. The “Astana Musical” Theater of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan will present an ethno-folklore musical “Kyz Zhibek”.

“Қyzzhibek” is a pearl of Kazakh folklore, a marvelous poem that is not inferior to any work of world literature. The work, which is the anthem of love, absorbed all the splendor of the poetic heritage of the people.

The main characters of the legend – Zhibek and Tolegen are a symbol of great and bright love, like the world-famous Romeo and Juliet. Their desire to reconcile warring fathers with their alliance will drag their frail feeling into the world of war. The plot of history develops between the brave warrior Tolegen and the beautiful Zhibek. Disagreements on the background of blind jealousy of Bekezhan turn into tragedy. Tolegen dies at the hands of his rival, and Zhibek does not imagine life without a loved one. The image of Zhibek is a poetic image of beauty, love and fidelity, which has been stored in the heart of the people since far. The legend “Kyzzhybek” reflects the age-old spiritual and moral values that are the common heritage of modern Kazakhstani society.

Recall that the theater “Astana Musical” was opened in June 2016 in Astana on the basis of the State Concert Organization “Kazakh Concert” of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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